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Chandra Graha Homam on Chandra Darshan

Expect Favourable Outcomes, Overcome Personality Disorders & Severe Health Issues

Scheduled On September 10, 2018


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Chandra DarshanChandra Darshan – Invoking the Moon on the Day Brings Good Fortune and Prosperity

Chandra Darshan is the first day of moon sighting after the new moon. Chandra Darshan is observed with great fervour in different parts of the country. The moon is an important planet among the nine Vedic planets. It is associated with wisdom, good objectives and purity. If the moon is favourable in the charts one can expect a very successful and prosperous life. Worshipping the moon on Chandra Darshan gives everyone the blessings of success, good fortune, luck and prosperity. Paying obeisance to the moon on this day is a great way of invoking his blessings.

The moon is very important planet in Vedic astrology as it control emotions, will power, health and wealth and also influences our thought process. An exalted moon grants will power, positivity, prevents depression, anxiety, nervousness etc. On the other hand, a debilitated moon which is weak in the birth chart leads to various acute diseases like tuberculosis, mental issues, chest and lung ailments and digestive problems. Performing Chandra homa strengthens all aspects of a weak moon and if you have a strong moon in the chart, then it further bolsters its power to bestow you with numerous blessings.

How Chandra Graha Homam on Chandra Darshan Helps

Chandra Graha Homam is ideal one for those who want to recover from the bad effects of moon when it is in a debilitated position. Try to divert your energy to some other matter and perform rituals like Chandra Homa to avoid unwanted problems. It also makes feasible ways for strengthening the moon to obtain positive energies. The yagya brings to your life favourable moments and removes any personality disorders.  Moreover, one can keep health issues away with this homam. This yagya will be organised specially for those wanting to do it individually. Vedicfolks’ expert priests will perform this powerful homam by chanting special mantras for you to experience optimum results. In addition, one can receive strong positive energies to avoid mental agony and other health disorders.

Expect Favourable Outcomes, Overcome Personality Disorders & Severe Health Issues

The Chandra Graha Homam eradicates the malefic effects of the moon and trounces negativity. It provides you with a positive atmosphere as all your worries, health problems and hurdles are resolved. One gets mental calm, pleasure and learns to control the emotions. It fulfills all desires and increases your confidence level. It also grants peace and harmony and overcome all types of personality disorders. One can get relief from body ailments connected to the digestive system, mental order, chest and lung related complaints etc. experience good intuitions and wonderful social life by performing this homa on the day of Chandra darshan.


• The homa neutralises the negative effects of moon

• It removes problems afflicting the mind.  

• It removes personality disorders that relates to the state of mind. 

• Expect favourable situations to occur that makes you happy.

• It gives a calm and soothing effect to the mind, body and soul.

• Negative effects of Rahu-Ketu in horoscope can be thrashed.

• The ritual removes the negative effects of Mars in the birth chart.

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