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Bhimasankar Jyothirlinga Homam

Powerful Jyothirlinga Illuminates Creation, Gives Victory Over Enemies, Free from Fear and Sudden Death, Attain Salvation



Bhimasankar Jyothirlinga

Lord Bhimashankar is another form of Lord Shiva which amalgamates both divine and natural phenomena comprising beauty and nature as a sacred totality, is said to be originated from the Mother Earth, Goddess Adi Parashakti. This is one of the form of Dwadash Jyotirlingas or 12 Jyotirlingas, situated in Pune, Maharastra, which is located at Sahayadri Range, an extreme ghat region, principally cherish and exalts as Bhimashankara who is no other than Lord Shiva.

Jyotirlingas shows the light through radiance of Lord Shiva, where "Jyoti" means radiance and linga means "Iconic of Lord Shiva" and is a combination of light and soul in an non-human form. The combination of divine and nature with radiance, is a sacred worship in a phallic form, exists in a very high form of personified natural powers, governing the universe.

Lord Bhimashankar Jyothirlinga Temple

The Temple is at Bhavagiri Village, 110 km from Pune and River Bhima has emerged out of the sweat of Lord Bhimashankar after the battle with Demon Bhima and the river is said to be blessed by the Lord Shiva by himself and distributed towards South-East to merge with River Krishna, has a religious significance which give rise to Agriculture and Economy in the surroundings. The temple exhibits a fine balance and portrays the Nagara Style of Architecture.

Legacy of Bhimashankar Jyothirlinga Temple

Demon Bhima son of Kumbhakarna, performed severe penance to please Lord Brahma, was granted with immense skill and talents. With this boon, demon Bhima started creating fear and destruction in the three worlds, defeating King Indra, conquered the heavens. He also defeated the staunch devotee Kamrupeshwar and put him behind prison. The Gods, Devas and Lord Brahma prayed Lord Shiva to rescue the universe from this demon. He also demanded Kamrupeshwar to worship the demon instead of Lord Shiva, but the devotee refused.

Lord Bhima wants to strike Shiva Linga using his sword but as soon as he raised his sword. Lord Shiva appeared before him in Stupendous form with a radiance. War began between Lord Shiva and Demon Bhima, for a very long period  and on the request of Sage Narada, Lord Shiva has put an end to this war defeating the demon to ashes. Upon the requests of holy stages and all other Gods, Lord Shiva made this place as his Abode and manifested himself in the form of Lord Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga and the sweat came out of his body after the battle formed the Bhimarathi River.

Supreme Qualities of Lord Bhimashankar Jyothirlinga

  • In ancient scriptures including Shivleelamrut, Shri GuruCharitra, Stotra Ratnakar, Lord Bhimasankar is described as woman as he is originated from Mother of Earth
  • Ancient scripture Shiva Purana specifies legacies about Lord Shiva and the form of Lord Bhimashankar and he is the most powerful jyothirlingas.
  • Lord Bhairavnath with his consort Dakin shrine was in remembrance of the legend Bhima the Pandava brothers, who got married to Hidimba in this place, was a Dakini.
  • The Theertha (pond) is a holy water of the main deity.
  • Goddess Kamalaja (Lakshmi) is worshipped in this temple in honor to the main deity Lord Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga
  • Water from the Swayambhu Linga is discharging miraculously is a everlasting
  • Soma Sutra Pradakshinam is the way Lord Bhimashankar Jyothirlinga is worshipped here during Pradosham Period and Gomukhi never crossed and beyond this point Pradakshinam is never allowed.  
  • First Rishaba Devar (Nandhi) is worshipped and go anti-clockwise and salute Chandishar. By not crossing the Gomukhi and return in the clockwise to Salute Vrushabham and continue till the Gomukhi again. Three such Pradakshinam is performed and then, Lord Bhimashankar Jyothirlanga is worshipped. Which means not stepping over the holy water which is let out on the northern side.

Lord Bhimasankar Jyothirlinga Homam

Lord Bhimasankar Jyothirlinga Abhisheka is an auspicious ritual worshipping Lord Shiva and continuous pouring of water droplets on Jyothirlinga to make him cool and chanting Vedic Mantra is called Rudra Suktha. In Vedic traditions, deities are usually given a holy bath with auspicious substances namely pure water, cow milk, home-made curd, pure honey, Tender water, turmeric water, Panchaamrit, a jaggery mixed fruit and honey salad, Pachgavya, sacred mixture of water, honey, curd, is offered to Sri Rudra (Lord Shiva). It is a ceremonial bath given to the Sri Rudra deity with the moisturizing substances and the fragrant liquids in a more empirical way, which denotes cleansing our own souls. This is a sacred and spiritual homam with Rudrabhishekam and Panchamrit Abhishekam are very auspicious ritual for the jyotirlinga puja, bestow the worshipper with miracles in life removing negative energy, evil spirits, bless prosperity, protection in life and purify the soul and path of destiny.  This Homam is also performed to clear the sins of an individual and bless peace in life alongwith happiness and save the natives from fear and dangers in life. As per Vedic rituals, is a highly desired purification method, to seek the blessings of Sri Rudra for comforts and luxury in life, invoking Goddess Kamalaja (Lakshmi) to bless with wealth and prosperity and consciousness in one's life.


  • It is a powerful cosmic force in the physical world and be self-consciousness.
  • Alleviates sins of past, present and future, blessed with wealth and prosperity
  • It is the protector and destroyer of evil forces, blessed with healthy and long life
  • Attain Self-Consciousness, Self-Empowerment, Self-Attainment, Bless Salvation
  • Bless with Cosmic Purity, Protect from evil effects, restore good health and happiness
  • Fulfill Life desires, remove conflict in relationships, bless Abundance, Peace and harmony

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2 Hours Package
USD 255.00
  • No of Priest - 2
  • Up to 501 Ahurthis
5 Hours Package
USD 575.00
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  • 10008 Ahurthis
Maha Yagya Package (2 Days)
USD 2,820.00
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  • 125000 Ahurthis