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Bhagavathy Seva
If everyday seems a torture and life has turned out to be an ordeal and you are affected by the malefic effects of the planets, then Bhagavathy Seva Puja is what you should perform. Bring peace to your life and that of your dear ones by performing this ritual. It removes obstacles and strengthens your cosmic powers too.
Significance of Bhagavathy Seva
In the state of Kerala, the performance of this puja once a month is considered very auspicious as it is equal to visiting a Devi shrine for thirty days. By performing this routine with devotion, the devotees and their families get the blessings of the Goddess and obtain longevity, health, wealth and happiness. The puja may be performed for specific desires like having children, obtaining riches and overcoming enemies.
The puja also keep us in harmony with cosmic forces, thereby removing and overcoming the sorrows of life and bringing spiritual uplifting. Bhagavathi Seva means worship or service to the Goddess. This religious rite is commonly performed in the evening to worship Goddess Parvathi, Durga, or Kali. 
The ceremony may look complicated, but it is not so. One can observe the doctrines or principles of ‘tantras’, involving mantras, meditation, yoga, and ritual. The Sri Chakra Padmam (lotus pattern) is drawn with five colours.  It is the seat of the Goddess and is the symbolic representation of the Universe. The five colours represent the five elements namely earth, water, fire, air and ether. On this Sri Chakra, the main lamp is placed with its five sides lit and decorated with flowers. Two other lamps on either side of the main lamp are placed on intrinsic patterns or ‘kolams’. One is for Lord Ganesh and the other for Goddess Kamakshi.
According to scriptures, Goddess Durga is the warrior manifestation of Adishakti or the supreme power. Durga means the invincible one. Therefore, Goddess Adishakti is the Divine Mother of the Universe who had taken birth on Earth as Parvathi to entice Lord Shiva. Durga’s incarnations are many and so are her names.
Our scholars first, through some prayers, pay obeisance to Lord Ganesh, who is the Lord of Obstacles. He grants wisdom and good fortune to those who pray to him. Ganesh Homam is carried out at the beginning of each and every major event. 
It is then that our pundits invoke the Goddess Shanthi Durga Parameswari who is received and seated on the lotus pattern. The ritual is mostly conducted in the evenings and the priest wears new clothes as he is about to undertake a powerful ceremony and faces the east direction. He chants divine syllables or mantra with proper dedication, pronunciation and tone.  Religious texts like Lalitha Sahasranamam, Soundarya Lahiri and Devi Mahatmyam are also recited.
Later Goddess Kamakshi is invoked by prayers, mantras and hymns.
Benefits of Bhagavathy Seva
• Restores balance in the environment and brings peace  
• Balances the malefic effects of planets 
• Keeps us in harmony with cosmic forces 
• Removes and overcomes the sorrows of life 
• Brings spiritual elevation
• Removes fear of any kind
•  Removal of evil spirits   
• Successful completion of projects. 
The birth of Parameswari 
A mighty demon called Andhak tortured the deities in heaven and drove them out. They sought Brahma’s help who in turn asked Lord Shiva for his guidance. Brahma also meditated and invoked Lord Vishnu who appeared instantly. The powers emanating from the eyes of all the three deities unified and resulted in the manifestation of Parameswari.
The  hymn 
|| Vandhe Maatharam Ambhikaam Bhagavatheem Vaanee Ramaa Sevitham
Kalyaaneem Kamaneeya Kalpa Lathikaam Kailaasa Naatha Priyam
Vedhaantha Prathi Bhaasamaana Vibhavaam Vidhvan Manoranjaneem
Sree Chakra-anghitha Rathna Peeta Nilayaam Sri Raaja Raajeswareem ||
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