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Annapurna & Dattatreya Jayanthi Special

Annapurna & Dattatreya Homam

Achieve Career Excellence, Overcome Money Matters, Abolish Internal Obstacles & Bestow All Time Prosperity

Scheduled Live On December 11, 2019

Annapurna Jayanthi - A Day to Invite Abundant Auspiciousness

Annapurna Jayanthi is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna, the goddess of nourishment. Once when food began to completely deplete from earth, starving people along with gods worshipped Lord Shiva who begged for food from Goddess Parvati. She appeared on earth as Annapurna in the month of Margashirsha on the day of Purnima and replenished the earth with food. Worshipping the goddess of sustenance on her day with special rituals and puja grants the powerful blessings of the goddess whose abode is in the sacred land of Kashi. Vedicfolks will perform homas to goddess Annapurna, divine forms of Parvathi, to get effectual blessings of the Goddess and invite great prosperity and profusion.

Dattatreya Jayanthi - Remove Terrible Curses

Lord Dattatreya is very powerful deity having the combined aspects of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Dattatreya Jayanti is observed on Purnima day of the Margashirsha month. Rituals on this day bestow all aspects of life, protect individuals from ancestral problems and allow a prosperous life. Also, on Datta Jayanti day, the lord’s principle is 1000 times more active on earth as compared to any other day. So, derive maximum benefit of the lord’s principle with Dattatreya Homa on the day.

Both Annapurna and Dattatreya Jayanti fall on December 11, 2019 and Vedicfolks will perform special homa for Lord Dattatreya as well.

Annapurna HomamAnnapurna Homa Bestows All Time Prosperity & Erases Sorrow

Goddess Annapurna is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. A homam to Goddess Annapurna ensures wealth, success in business and romance and fulfills all right wishes of her devotee.

She grants devotees all time prosperity and keeps them happy without grief or sorrow. She makes hunger disappear, brings happiness, removes poverty, crisis and creates fulfillment in everyone’s lives. She is the goddess of food grain and hence correlated to Dhanya Lakshmi, the bestower of plentiful crops and bounty.


  • Goddess Annapurna homam dismisses the six obstacles of devotion.
  • It grants solution to relationship problems and helps to fix a suitable marital alliance.
  • It annihilates evil in all forms like black magic, witch-craft, or any other negative forces.
  • Rituals to Goddess Annapurna give all time prosperity and happiness.
  • It also confers perennial food supply to you and thereby removes poverty.

Lord Dattatreya - A Collective Form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

Lord Dattatreya is a unique form having three heads that mark peace and serenity. These three heads can be identified with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He transcends the three gunas such as Rajas, Satwa and Tamas and is one with the sublime energy of the absolute guru. Therefore, he is guru par excellence or the Divine Guru. He carries the conch, discus, mace, trident, kamandalu or water pot and a begging bowl. Lord Dattatreya gets pleased easily by mere remembrance of him (smarana maatra santushtaaya).

Lord Dattatreya HomamDattatreya Homa: Overcome Money Matters & Obtain Blessings of Pitrus

A form so unique that represents trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Lord Dattatreya Homam confers material benefits, wealth, intelligence and bestows blessings of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It helps win over enemies, achieve everything in life including bringing success in all money-oriented matters. Lord Dattatreya Homa ensures salvation of pitrus by removing pitru dosha of all kinds.

The ritual removes ‘yati shaap’ which means curse of saints, sages or mendicants.  It also helps avert terrible planetary afflictions, delays in marriages, conflicts in homeabsence of progeny, premature babies, abnormal children, etc. The homa grants powerful speech and self-confidence, improves academic performance of children and harmony in the family.



  • Solve all serious problems, receive blessings of ancestors with this ritual.
  • The ritual grants powerful speech, self confidence and academic excellence.
  • It solves money-related problems and ensures success in matters related to finance
  • It’s a good solution to curses of saints and mendicants.

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