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Saturn Transit Report

In just 72hrs get personalized Saturn reports for your Moon sign
The transit of Saturn took place on 26th January 2017 and Saturn moved from Vrishchika Rasi to Dhanus Rasi. However, Sani will return to Vrischika Rasi on June 21st and be in Vrischika till October 26.
The final transition of Saturn to dhanus rasi will be on 27th October 2017. 
This is a major transit of an important graha. This will have a bearing on all 12 rasis. Natives of all rasis will experience transformations not only at the personal but also social, ethical and political levels.
Now, Vedicfolks brings you personalized prediction of your natal charts based on Saturn transit.  
Our expert astrologers of Vedic astrology use Jaimini and Parashara system of predictions that are very accurate and precise. They can help you plan all important decisions in future and also suggest remedies if needed. So, plan your life smartly with Vedicfolks and overcome all bad effects of Saturn tactfully. 
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