Purvashadha Nakshatra



In Vedic Astrology, known as ‘Jyotish' in Sanskrit, the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) determines the core of celestial influences on our planet. The term Nakshatra when dissected gets split into Naksha - Map, and Tara – Star which points out the "Star mapping" technique. The 27 Nakshatras, in a way, represents our ideal path in the passage of life right from the moment of birth and goes till death.

Purvashadha Nakshatra

Purvashadha is the pinnacle of Venusian energy and is represented by three bright stars, known in astronomy as Epsilon-Sagittarii; Delta-Sagittarii; & Epsilon-Sagittarii. All these stars lie in a line in the middle portion of the constellation Sagittarius. These stars can be spotted easily because they are located close to the Milky Way. Ancient Vedic seers saw these stars forming the shape of a handheld fan.

Purvashadha Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The native of this Nakshatra is very intelligent; Impulsive & Argumentative; Difficult for anyone to beat them in any debate; Bound to make a good salesman; He is always ready to advise but is never ready to take advice from others; Not so courageous; He does act purposefully and courageous when needed; He will take decisions when provoked by someone and will take it without thinking about the pros and cons.

Professional Life: The native of this Nakshatra is suited to be a doctor; They excel in almost all fields; Interested in occult philosophy and exotic. From the age of 32 to 50 years, he will make steady progress in his career.

Compatibility: Rarely Benefits from his Parents; Surely benefits from his siblings; Spend most of his life overseas; Likely to enjoy his married life, there are chances that he may have a late marriage; He will lean more towards his in-laws than his own parents; His children will be talented and bring great glory to the family.

Health: Health will mostly look good but he may not be very healthy from inside; He may contract an incurable disease in the future; He will, however, make sure his health doesn't affect his performance in the profession.

Purvashadha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female native of this Nakshatra is Intelligent; Energetic; Very Enthusiastic; Very Enthusiastic; Very ambitious; Performs very well during the adverse circumstances; Outspoken; A  negative trait of this Nakshatra is that she makes promises too often, which remain unfulfilled.

Professional Life: Well-Educated; Get into the profession of Teaching or become a bank officer; take to Spiritualism at quite an early age.

Compatibility: Makes a Good Housewife; As she grows older, her love for her husband deepens; She will not benefit much from her children.

Health: Health will mostly be good but minor ailments will keep bothering her; More likely to have problems in Uterus & Thighs.

Name: “The Former Invincible one” or the “Former Unconquered”.

Symbol: Congruence to the shape formed by its stars: A Handheld fan.

Deity or God: Goddess Apah

Nature: Intense conviction that “It can’t Lose”

Mode of Functioning: Balanced Nakshatra

Caste: Brahmin Caste

Gender: Female Nakshatra

Body Parts: Thighs & Back

Direction: Directional arc from NorthEast to SouthEast via, East.

Profession: Hypnotists or Psychic activities; Marine Life Experts; Navy Personnel; Fishing professions; Professional Hosts; All types of industries processing raw materials especially Liquids; Costume Designers; Fashion Experts; Hot Air Balloonists; Herbalists; All professions associated with Liquids and all it’s forms.

Places: Oceans; Lakes; Aquarium Parks; Swimming Pools; Ports; Docks; Airports; Beauty Salons; Amusement Parks; Art Gallery; Etc.

Guna (Essence): Rajasic Nakshatra.

Tattwa (Element):  Air Element

Gana (Type): Manusha or Human Nakshatra

Orientation: Downward Nakshatra.

Disposition: Ugra (Fierce & Severe) Nakshatra

Lunar Month: First half of the Lunar month of Ashadha

Lunar Day: Trayodashi (13th Tithi or Day)

Auspicious Activities: Facing issues which require Courage; Confronting enemies; Settling Debts; Going to War; Inspiring and Inciting others into actions; Goals and actions on the mental; Adventures including exploration to nature and sporting activities; Artistic Performances; Decorating oneself; Favourable for agricultural activities; Good for marriage and invigorating sexual activity; All the other activities related to the above mentioned Professions.

Inauspicious Activities: Unfavourable for activities requiring Diplomacy and Tact; Not good for endings unless the ending promises a good and bright future; Not good for Land Journeys.

Planetary Ruler: Venus.

Vowels and Alphabets: “Bu”, “Dah”, “Bha”, “Dha”

Sexual Type: Monkey, Playful in regards to Sexual Activities.

Gotra (Celestial lineage): Sage Pulahu

Remedial: Worship Goddess Lakshmi and the Venusian Deities: Lalitha & Tripurasundari.

Historical Personalities: Joan Of Arc, A Legendary actress of the century has her stars placed in this Nakshatra.

Purvashadha Nakshatra Padas (Quarters):

1st Pada: The First Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 13”20’-16”40’ Sagittarius falls in Leo Navamsa and is ruled by the Sun. The focus of this Pada is on the Self-Confidence, Pride of the person who likes to be the center of attraction.

2nd Pada: The Second Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 16”40’-20”00’ Sagittarius falls in Virgo Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. In this Pada, the Native works hard and he will be rewarded.

3rd Pada: The Third Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 20”00’-23”20’ Sagittarius falls in Libra Navamsa ruled by Venus. The Native is relaxed and enjoys all the material comforts.

4th Pada: The Fourth Pada or the Quarter of this asterism 23”20’-26”40’ Sagittarius falls in the Scorpio Navamsa ruled by Mars. The Native in this Pada is Arrogant, Mysterious & Secretive.

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Letters:  B & G

Lucky Colours: Black

Lucky Stones: Diamond

Advantages of Wearing Diamond

  • Favorable for Richness, Success & Succelence in matters of Love and Romance; Marriage and Happy married life.
  • Diamond is also effective in dispelling fears of supernatural powers
  • It helps in defeating one’s enemies and competitors.
  • Helpful in problems related to Throat, Eyes, Sexual Organs, Digestive system, Stone in Kidney & Bladder.
  • Building a Mature, methodological, and Upright approach towards all the problems in life.

Remedies for Purvashadha Nakshatra

  • The people of this nakshatra suffering from something should worship Goddess Laxmi and other Venusian Deities like Lalitha & Tripurasundari.
  • Repetition of the root mantra Om Bam 108 times when the Moon transits this Nakshatra and in its corresponding Lunar month is sure to reduce sufferings and bring enlightenment to a person's life. 
  • Following Purvashadha's favorable directions, colors, numbers, letters and worshipping Serpent deities, the natives can expect significant changes and improvements in the standard of life.
  • Wearing Ornate and decorative garments and jewelry in variegated pastel colors. White, Light Blue & Light Pink is advised to be worn by the natives to undertake all important actions to get super amazing results and to avoid unexpected tragedies. It is helpful if these directions are followed during the Lunar month and days when the Moon transits Purvashadha to undertake important actions.