Punarvasu Nakshatra



In Vedic Astrology, known as ‘Jyotish’ in Sanskrit, the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) determines the core of celestial influences on our planet. The term Nakshatra when dissected gets split into Naksha - Map and Tara – Star which apparently points out the “Star mapping” technique. The 27 Nakshatras, in a way, represents our ideal path in the passage of life right from the moment of birth and goes till death.

Punarvasu Nakshatra

The root of Jupiterian energy, Punarvasu, consists of two bright stars in the Gemini constellation. In modern astronomy, they’re called Castor (Alpha-Geminorium) and Pollux (Beta-Geminorium). Castor & Pollux are easily visible in the night sky with a visual magnitude of 1.58 and 1.22 respectively. Ancient men saw these stars as twin brothers; however, Vedic Legends saw these stars to be forming a ‘Quiver of Arrows’

Punarvasu Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The natives get an impression of positive transformation from darkness into light. He has a distinctive ability to return safely from any mission he undertakes. Be it a simple task as reaching out to a neighborhood shop or even as tedious as climbing the astounding Mount Everest. Punarvasu became synonymous with “Safety” as they could safely reach the starting point with ease. Its alternate symbol, “House”, is also an entity of “Safety”. He is a great performer who can do plays or raise children by teaching.

Professional Life: He is a great collaborator who constantly seeks for like-minded people to join hands with him. He is known to struggle a bit till he reaches his 30’s, and once he gets past this mark, he is known to be living his life to the fullest. He is cool minded and doesn’t give much of an importance on gathering wealth and materialistic desires.

Compatibility: He is more of a religiously inclined person who reveres and respects ancient tradition & culture. His married life is not so happily written as he might have to face a whole lot of ups and downs that eventually land him into a zone of depression and mental pressure.

Health: Stomach and Kidney-related problems need to be diagnosed immediately and he can also end up with diseases that are hard to diagnose. 

Punarvasu Nakshatra Female Characteristics

Punarvasu represents the harmonious and favorable conditions for life to thrive on Earth. This quality makes the natives lead a spiritual, simplistic, and yet a happy & contented life without imbibing negative energies that would obstruct their evolutionary process.

Professional Life: She does difficult tasks with ease without expecting applause or recognition from others. She also possesses artistic thoughts & abilities and also gains respect from others as she would have mastered the art-form.

Compatibility: She is cool-headed and gets a man who is her mirror version. Loving, Caring and most importantly Loyal husband, with whom She lives the best days of her life.

Health: Improper digestion, Lung and Ear related problems should be taken care of immediately without wasting time.

Name: Good again Wealthy again Visible infinity

Symbol: Quiver full of arrows

Deity or God: Aditi, the mother of the 12 Adityas (Solar deities)

Nature: “Nurturing & Harmony”. It relates to “Vastuvsa Prapana Shakti”- the power to gain or retrieve objects or objectives

Mode of Functioning: Passive Nakshatra with a moveable quality

Caste: Vaishya or Merchant caste

Number: 7

Gender: Male

Body Parts: Fingers and nasal area

Direction: West North Northeast

Places: All areas near water bodies; Bus stations, Train stations, and Airports; Hotels, Restaurants, Inns, Motels; Temples, Antique shops, museums, Science Expo, Rehab centers.

Guna (Essence): Sattwic Nakshatra

Tattwa (Element): Water Element

Gana (Type): Deva or Godly Nakshatra

Orientation: Level Nakshatra

Disposition: Chara or Moveable Nakshatra

Lunar Month: It relates to the first half of the Lunar month of the Pausha which falls in the solar month of December (late December)

Lunar Day: It relates to the Ashtami (8th Tithi or Day) of the waxing and waning phases of the Lunar monthly cycle.

Auspicious Activities: Travelling & Exploring, Teaching, Imagination & Innovation, Experimenting, Worshipping Mother Goddess, Nurturing Children & Living with nature.

Inauspicious Activities: Lending or borrowing money; Legal activities that require confrontation and pushiness.

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Vowels and Alphabets: Kay Ko Ha Hee

Sexual Type: Its sexual animal is a Cat and is sexually aggressive.

Compatibility: Ashlesha, the other Cat Nakshatra

Esoteric: It gives a chance to souls to redeem themselves from whatever negative actions that they might have done in the past.

Gotra (Celestial lineage): Sage Kratu, one of the seven sages who looks after Galaxy’s affairs.

Remedial: Worshipping Goddess like Durga, Saraswati, Aditi, and Lakshmi, etc

Historical Personalities: Lord Rama, the most idealistic man, and also an Avatar of Vishnu, was born in this Nakshatra. He always everything right in two goes (He lost his Kingdom and his wife and regained them) as suggested by the expression “Good again”

Punarvasu Nakshatra Padas (Quarters):

1st Pada: 20-00′ – 23-20′ Gemini, falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars. It relates to moveable and pioneering side focusing mainly on goals, friendships, and group work.

2nd Pada: 23-20′ – 26-40′ Gemini, falls in Taurus Navamsa and is ruled by Venus. It relates to materialistic desires, earthly character and fixed nature of Punarvasu

3rd Pada: 26-40′ – 30-00′ Gemini, falls in Gemini Navamsa and is ruled by Mercury. It relates to mental activity, imagination, and innovation. Planets positioned here gives a strong mental and intellect power.

4th Pada: 30-00′ – 03-20′ Cancer, falls in Cancer Navamsa and is ruled by Moon. It is the strongest and the most beneficial padas of the entire Zodiac. Jupiter brings out its fullest benefits and the motherly qualities of Punarvasu.

Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Letters: H, K

Lucky Colours: Grey

Lucky Stones: Yellow Sapphire

Advantages of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

  • In medical astrology, it reduces lung problems and improves blood circulation
  • Delayed marriages can be resolved successfully by wearing Yellow Sapphire
  • It improves the focus and concentration thereby resulting in professional and personal excellence.
  • It brings financial stability and increases the prosperity of the wearer
  • Highly ambitious people who are constantly moving towards life to achieve greater good are advised to wear this as it is known to eradicate all negative aura by bringing super amazing positivities.

Remedies for Punarvasu Nakshatra

  • Worshipping Goddess like Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga & Aditi are the best remedies for Punarvasu natives
  • Repetition of the Root mantras of this Nakshatra Om or Aum 108 times when Moon transits this Nakshatra and in its corresponding Lunar month is sure to remove obstacles and bring enlightenment in life
  • Shades of Green, Yellow, White, and Red are advised to be worn as it brings
  • By following Directions, Lucky numbers, Lunar month and the days when Moon transits Punarvasu should be considered to undertake all important actions in life.