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Past Life Reading Interactive Session


Do you believe in re-births and past lives? If no, you should know that you are sitting out there reading this, just because of your deeds in the past life. If you are a strong believer on this past life concept, then you have decided it right to know about it.
As per the Vedic Science which guides Vedic Astrology, it is nothing but your past life’s good and bad deeds that has made you whatever you are today. If you are very happy and successful today, your past life was wonderful—you have the great doer! You have accomplished goodness to your birth chart. Helping the needy, servicing the essential, respecting your elders, being the cause for someone’s happiness, your hard work etc. have ruled your fate. That is why you are flying with splendid colors as is, today.
Know some of the issues in life, due to past life deeds
If you are facing struggles in life, sleeping and waking up with lifetime issues that you make you as very concerned and worried; this means your past life was miserable too. You probably were the reason for someone’s tears or sadness which has caused problems to you in this birth, even if you are performing all well now! This is the time you have to take refuge in Vedic Consultation.
Vedic Consulting is very much like any other counselling that you will want to take up when you have depression or related issues. This is different and unique in its way that it is god given, proven and tested over times and does not reach everyone, except a fortunate few. Vedic experts in a panel offer you Vedic Consultation services—they study your birth details in detail and let you know what were the sins/weak acts you have performed in your past life’s birth which is letting you down and worried in this lifetime. They provide you with solutions to treat your past life’s sins, which will have a perfect effect on your present life and make you, dwell around happiness.
How to understand my Present Lines for Life?
The native horoscope with date of birth, time of birth and place of birth gives a very clear information of your past life karmas and also what you might require to improve your life conditions, in case if you have long troubling issues namely drug addiction, alcohol abuse, other mental health instability. With respect to past life karma, we have our query indicators of what is the negative thoughts in mind, negative vibrations, what is the connectivity of unfulfilled desires of your past life and your present life indicating strong influences. 
This is where Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer of Vedic folks can tell you about the major requirements of what are the positive vibration, positive side of your life, good energies specific to you and which are the fortunate planets that can bestow good influence on your life by studying the birth chart planetary placements, the house it is placed, which houses are opposite to favorable planets, zodiac sign and position of planetary aspects.
Personalized interactive reporting
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer interactive session with every native to understand the past life, in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded, and kept in confidence. An audio file for lifetime health supported by a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.
Call us now for Vedicfolks Past Life Single Point Solution to learn more about your present and future life events and situations, that helps you to understand yourself better to take timely action, determines your individual ability for balanced and stable life, get advice and remedies to overcome the past life crisis in a planned manner. 
Table of Covered Theme in this Session
1.Birth details and astrological details
Every aspect of past life in personal life with the help of exact position of your planets; wealth and health indicators, astrological aspects on personality, prediction of past life, health events, physical stature, vigor and vitality.
2. Birth chart & divisional charts
We provide you complete details about your past life karmas, lifetime health, spouse, life partner insights, career, karma of past life, strength, details about children, micro and macro matters, siblings and knowledge. The study about planets in horoscope gives specific information on income earnings, assets and wealth generations.
3. Your query or concern
Answering your query in the interactive session, will be our prime motive, clearing all your doubts and difficulties on past life connectivity. Our interactive reports provide you a very high clarity of understanding, creates awareness of your past life unfulfilled desires, current life issue management. Customer centric is our prime motive.
4. The 2nd house, house of wealth, spiritual attachment of past life
This chart is very important of wealth inheritance, materialist outlook, spiritual qualities, in your past life, what are the shortfalls, fulfillment, lacking, what remedy required?
5. The 3rd house, house of communication skills, hindrances, lack of skills
This chart is very important mentioning past life effects, if you are good communicator, how is your social skills, lack in character and maturity, what the drawback, what is the remedy?
6. The 4th house, house of Emotional Behaviors, Extremes of Situations, Self-confidence
This chart is very important mentioning past life influences, which shows how emotional you are? Are you dependent? Or independent in approach, feel in-secured? Cause and effects, what is the remedy? 
7. The 5th house, house of attitude, sensitivity, strength and weakness
This chart is very important for showing past life influences, are you a bossing character? egoistic, dominating approach, how creative and successful in personal life
8. The 7th house, house of identity, need for frequent attendance, relationship
This chart is very important for showing of past life influences, are too dependent on others, identify self with the help of others, need caretaker, what are the causes, influences, remedy?
9. Rahu-Ketu Effects in 7th House, past life
This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu in the 7th House showing the past life good and bad karmic influences, what are the fruitful blessings you receive from god, what are the bad curses you receive from the past karmas. Good Karmas manifest good abilities and talents, inflicted planets may cause life difficult curves, bends and crisis.
10. Divisional – 10 charts (past life benefits, career upliftment, level of growth, advancement in life) analysis
Analysis of past life, inflictions and favorable situations in marriage and professional life, growth and career advancement, what are the remedy for negativities?
11. Affective Remedial measures
Acts as a right on hand measure, provide information about external forces causing negative influence and what are the remedies?
Acts as a device, lists down your past life karma strength and weakness, where and how to recover from the life crisis?
12. Karma Remedies to solve the current past life issues
Aspect of Planets may influence your past karmas, past sins, present life crisis linked to the past and what are the remedies protecting your positive mind, practical thinking, rank and status and what are the remedies for insecurity, painstaking, immoral characters.
13. Gemstone recommendation for your current life well being
A healing stone, clears birth defects, past life karmas deficiency and karmic healing, transforming your future for issue free life.
14. Rudraksha Recommendation for your current life growth
A precious bead, remove malefic effects of past life karmas, remove negativity, calm stress level, boost good health peace and prosperity
15. Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity of past life
Accurate temple worship, puja and homam clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas of past life karma for peace and prosperous life. Learn from our report your Adi devata a remedy for past life debts, karma and temple worship for unending problems.
16. Mantras for quick redemption of problems
Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems in past life karmic influence, create positive self-awareness and quick healing power.