USD 133.00


Lifetime Management—Lifetime Remedies for a Hassle Free Future! Interactive Session


You must be knowing that any problem, hassle or struggle faced in life, work or even the projects you work on, is just because all these problems have something called CAUSE or ORIGIN. If you can treat the source of the cause and solve it, automatically you will be relieved of any problem.

The same logic goes well with your lifetime and practical life too—we mean to say… the lifetime problems that you are undergoing currently—may it be in work, relating to children, siblings, parents or even your personal life—has a cause or source of cause to it. We mean the virtual cause that is not seen to you, but is the major strong reason behind your sufferings. This is termed Karma! You undergo the fruit/result of whatever bad or good that you’ve created to anyone or anything in your past. This is also applicable to your past life, indeed! 

If you can solve the origin of the cause; that is, nullify all your bad Karmas and balance your virtual karmic balance sheet, then you are sure to win the race of life. All your problems—personal or caused by someone else, will come to an end, bestowing you with a most peaceful life ahead!

This is where we come into play. We possess a panel of Vedic consultants or experts who can analyse your birth details thoroughly and let you know which planet/deity/ruler you should be approaching in lifetime to be very peaceful all through. The best part about the remedies will be performing them with the guidance of experts again.