Jyeshta Nakshatra


In Vedic Astrology, known as ‘Jyotish' in Sanskrit, the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) determines the core of celestial influences on our planet. The term Nakshatra when dissected gets split into Naksha - Map, and Tara – Star which points out the "Star mapping" technique. The 27 Nakshatras, in a way, represents our ideal path in the passage of life right from the moment of birth and goes till death. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra

Jyeshta is the Senior most Nakshatra among the First Eighteen asterisms which consist of “Three stars in a row” which were seen by ancient seers forming shapes similar to an earring. In Modern Astronomy, they are known as Alpha- Scorpionis, Sigma- Scorpionis and Tau- Scorpionis. All these stars lie in the middle to the end portion of the Zodiacal Constellation of Scorpio. Antares, the brightest star with the reddish-hue is the brightest among these stars. It is, in fact, one of the brightest objects in the night sky, which makes it easy for one to spot this asterism in the night sky. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra Male Characteristics

 The male native of this Nakshatra is very Pure-hearted and Sober. He doesn’t believe in flaunting his qualities. Others do not notice these qualities. It is very difficult for the person of this Nakshatra to keep secrets no matter even if the information is in his favor. So it’s better to come sensitive information away from him. The male of this native can be Short-tempered and stubborn which puts them into problems most of the time. He does not take anyone's advice but does as his conscience commands him. 

Professional Life: The male native of this Nakshatra leaves home at a very young age, either for studies or for work. He wishes to e self- independent and has living on his own standards and methods. He is hard and sincere at work. He tends to change his job frequently. He is likely to face a lot of struggle till the age of 50, and will only settle after that. He will face all the unexpected troubles will be between the age of 18 and 26. He is advised to remain cool and calm during this period and is recommended to tackle things maturely and stay patient for good times. 

Compatibility: The native of this Nakshatra does not get any support from his siblings or mother. His family members do not like him because the native likes to maintain individuality and is an independent thinker. He might even get dominated by his spouse. On the whole, his conjugal life will be smooth and happy. He might suffer from minor health problems sometimes but nothing major. 

Health: The male native of this Nakshatra faces health issues such as cold, stomach problems, asthmatic attacks, frequent fevers and sometimes pain in hands and shoulders. 

Jyeshta Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female of this Nakshatra is very sensitive, very jealous, but loves deeply as well. She is Intelligent, Thoughtful and intuitive. She is very eager to know what others think about her. She is an expert at all the household activities and performs them in an organized manner.  

Professional Life: The native of this Nakshatra has a very average academic qualification. She is happy at home, praising her husband for his success. It is observed that almost all the women native of this Nakshatra are homemakers and do not earn for their family. 

Compatibility: The female native is not able to maintain peace in the home for some reason. It is also said that she remains childless, and is mistreated by her in-laws. She tends to maintain distance from her neighbors and relatives because they are the people who poison her life. She finds it really difficult to get mental peace in life. 

Health: The native of this Nakshatra does not enjoy very good health. They suffer from Uterus problems, prostrate gland enlargement or pain in hands and shoulder. 

Name:  “Elder” or “Senior-most” 

Symbol: Round Talisman

Deity or God: Indra, the Scion of the Gods 

Nature: A sense of arriving or becoming 

Mode of Functioning: Active Nakshatra

Caste:  Servant caste 

Gender: Female Nakshatra

Body Parts: The Neck and the Right Side of the Torso. 

Direction: North and South. 

Profession:  All the policing professions, Government officials, Administrative posts, Reporters, Commentators on Radio & Television, Hosts of the talk shows, Actors, Firemen, Trade Unionists, Detectives, Politicians, Forest Rangers, Military Professions and other such professions taking care for the aged professions. Manual Labourers, Athletes specially Sprinters, Telecommunication, Traffic Controllers and Surgeons. 

Places: Hilly accessible terrain, Hot Tropical Jungles, Buildings belonging to the government, Telecommunication related places, Media related places, Airports, Hospitals, Military Bases,  Manor, Forts & Palaces, Old-Age Homes, All the places which relate to the above-mentioned professions. 

Guna (Essence): Sattvic Nakshatra 

Tattwa (Element): Air Element 

Gana (Type):  Rakshasa or Demonic Nakshatra 

Orientation: Level Nakshatra 

Disposition:  Hard, Sharp & Dreadful 

Lunar Month:  First Half of the Lunar Month of Jyeshta (Late May or the Early June of the Solar Calendar) 

Lunar Day: Saptami &  Chaturdashi (7th & 14th Tithi or Day)   

Auspicious Activities: Harsh activities, Plotting, Spying, Passing Judgements, Putting one’s foot down over important issues, Taking Control, Associating with Elders, Giving assistance to elderly, Taking care of Family matters, Activities requiring a lot of penance, Discussing over serious matters, grand planning. 

Inauspicious Activities: Staying in depression, having hard one by attitude, Acts of selfishness, Self-centricity, Taking advantage of others, Marriage, Any dealings which require a lot of tacts. Not good for traveling.  

Planetary Ruler: Mercury 

Vowels and Alphabets: “No”, “Ya”, “Yi”, “Yu” 

Sexual Type:  Stag. This Nakshatra is supposed to have a cold yet aggressively passionate response towards love-making. 

Esoteric: It is referred to as the Culmination of Lunar Energy. 

Gotra (Celestial lineage): 


Historical Personalities:  Ted Bundy, the famous serial killer, has his Moon placed in this Nakshatra. His character brings out the negative idea of this Nakshatra. Al Pacino, the Hollywood actor, who has played many cops, mafia and father figure roles has his ascendant lord in this Nakshatra. J. Krishnamurti, a celebrated philosopher has his Moon placed in this Nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Padas (Quarters)

1st Pada: The first Pada or Quarter of this asterism 16”40’- 20”00’ Scorpio falls in Sagittarius Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. The emphasis is on family concern and interest. This pada is very concerned about financial affairs even though its prosperity in that area will swing from one extreme to the other. The lesson in this Pada is that it maintains a very attitude towards finances. A certain interest in gaining higher education is noticeable here. The normally secretive Jyeshta tends to leak the secrets from the Saggitarian because of their carefreeness and frankness. This native is a risk-taker. Generosity is the most important and common in this pada. Planets in this Pada have a good sense of humor. Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu are very strong in this Pada. Jupiter gives the best results. Planets placed in this Pada affect the well-being of one’s sibling.

2nd Pada: The second Pada or the quarter of this asterism 20”00’- 23”20’ Scorpio lies in the Capricorn Navamsa ruled by Saturn. This Pada is very rigid in regards to responsibility and is concerned about doing the right thing. Natives ere are fiercely protective and are very challenging as they like to challenge others. This pada produces authoritative figures. The natives of this Pada can be selfish, stingy and materialistic. The native of this Pada is ruthless. The native has an authoritative speaking voice. This pada is very serious and overbearing and will tend to take its own time to achieve the goals. The native of this Nakshatra tends to achieve their goals only at the later point in life after all the hard work. The natives of this Pada ae cautious and slow. Mars and Saturn are strong in this pada in the way that they give them a sense of authority. 

3rd Pada: The third Pada or quarter of this asterism 23”20’- 26”40’ Scorpio falls in Aquarius Navamsa ruled by Saturn. This Pada gives a strong humanitarian instinct and allows the native to play roles that are beneficial or protective towards society. The native works best in professions that involve protecting the underdog or unprivileged. They like serving the needy. The native is very sacrificing when it comes to protecting others. This pada gives love for researching science. The native has its own brand of family values which are really different. The native of this Pada enjoys discussing their personal philosophy to others. Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and Rahu are strong in this Pada. Planets placed in this Pada may adversely affect the wellbeing of one’s mother.

4th Pada: The fourth  Pada or the quarter of this asterism 26”40’-30”00’ Scorpio falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. This is a very emotional pada and is native tends to get carried away very easily. The native can easily down themselves. There is a danger if the native indulges themselves in sexual fantasies and intoxication.  The Native is able to channel their emotions to express them in a creative manner. The native of this Nakshatra is very responsible and very protective. In the Lower aspects, the natives of this Nakshatra tends to fantasize about their woes and troubles in an unhealthy way. In higher aspects, the native of this Pada can give strong sacrificing nature and is very spiritual and very devotional towards humanity. The native is said to be very fond of children. The native will defend the rights of others and take an interest in the aspects which include a liberation. The only downfall is that the penance aspect which is really important for the Nakshatra’s proper functioning as it is difficult to harness this Pada. However, the capacity of material gain is stronger in this Pada and its poverty aspects are decreased. All of the above said things are true when is a strong influence of  Venus and Jupiter in this Pada. Mars functions poorly in this Pada. Saturn is maybe helpful in acquiring some of the spiritual disciplines. This Pada can be most self-destructive when working through the negative aspects.

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Letters: Y & N

Lucky Colours: Cream

Lucky Stones: Emerald 

Advantages of Wearing Emerald

  • Benefits the wearer by enhancing contentment the power to perceive things in a different way. 
  • People wearing this have a loving, peaceful and harmonious married life. 
  • It is said that wearing Emerald stone benefits the wearer having problems in retaining money. 
  • It helps in developing an understanding of the children and maintaining unity in the family. 
  • It helps to increase the concentration level of the children. 
  • Ability to increase the power of reasoning and spirituality. 

Remedies for Jyeshta Nakshatra

  • Following Jyeshta's favorable directions, colors, numbers, letters and worshipping Serpent deities, the natives can expect significant changes and improvements in the standard of life. 
  • Red, Blue, and Gold are advised to be worn by the natives to undertake all important actions to get super amazing results and to avoid unexpected tragedies. It is helpful if these directions are followed during the Lunar month and days when the Moon transits Jyeshta to undertake important actions.