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June 2019 for Aries Monthly Horoscope

Venus trine your 8th house ruler Pluto at the new moon brings luck with financial management and applying for loads and debt. You may get a tax rebate and you can also have success with insurance claims. Tips and gifts from clients may come your way.


The triggering of Saturn and Pluto mean that this is a karmic month and many turning points or groundhog events will be noticed; it is not about always having control it is also about knowing how to adapt to what you are given. You need to know where you have control, and where others have control – you may not be able to gain that control back so you must be highly creative in the way you utilize the control you still have.


If you are looking for love you may find it in some rather peculiar places and that is because your values and your deeper needs are undergoing transformation – you are maturing emotionally and you will seek experiences in love that arouse and stimulate different parts of your personality or will help you develop the neglected part of your own psychological make up. Love and relationships tend to be more challenging in general precisely because you want to get more out of your love life, you need to go deeper and to get a little uncomfortable, which is why you will push your partner buttons and seek obscure and rather unlikely relationships with other both for romance, sex, friendship or just a very modern fling.


Mars in Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto indicate your digestion is an area of concern and you should opt for cooked foods and soups over salads and raw food. Not a good time for the raw food diet. While roughage is in general a vital part of a diet, right now it can be a case of too much of a good thing and you may even suffer bloating and discomfort from excess fruit and veg and so you can feel free to include more chicken, fish and meat or pasta.


You are very open – this means that in new relationships you are eager to share your deeper feelings and fears and that opens the gateway to some substantial sharing and progresses the relationship fast. Things get psychologically intimate quite quickly and in new love affairs you may find that similar family background or similar experience (good and bad) with parents draw you to a person and cement a bond.


June 2019 for Taurus Monthly Horoscope

The New Moon in your Second House will help bring clarity to money matters and help with ingenious new solutions. The key is flexibility and staying one step ahead, it is not enough to just make a decision, you must project forward and envision all outcomes that are possible to see how you would handle them. Being crafty and using some cunning is key to luck in money and with finances, as right now you have maneuverability as long as you use all the tools and information available.

The waxing period between the 3rd and 17th of the month is ideal for most new projects and initiatives, especially ones that involve teams. This is an excellent month to unite with others and cooperate, pooling talent and effort.

Mercury is retrograde from the 4th to the 23rd, so stay observant and intuitively aware, do not get bogged down in detail work as you need to keep your ear to the ground. Do not shun the rumor mill, be alert for all information that comes your way.

This is a good month to get married or make a major decision as a couple. There is greater unity of purpose in marriage and you pull together rather than apart.  You are tactile and affectionate in general and yet you pull back when you question your partner's commitment. Right now you feel more secure in love and that is why you can give of you best sexually and affectionately.

The focus in love is definitely on refining, refocusing and getting sexual satisfaction in solid and committed relationships. You tend to be less interested in casual love or superficial attempts at dating. You are quite serious in romantic matters and if someone else is not equally serious you will make excuses and slip away. New romance has to be very intense and involving to grab you emotionally.

With Mars and Mercury in your 3rd house for most of June, this is a busy time and both sales and business should be brusque.  You may need to learn more skills in relation to languages as you will increasingly deal with international clients. You may spend time scheduling business trips and looking for inexpensive accommodation, flights and conference rooms.  Some short term decisions you make, may conflict with longer term aims, as this month there is this trade-off between the vision and what you need to do short term to problem solve.

You will tend to gain weight and indulge more this month. You should avoid dairy as this can aggravate a post nasal drip or tonsillitis. You may need to alkalize your urinary tract. Avoid orange juice, tomato juice and grapefruit juice. Red and green apple juice or diluted pineapple juice is better.  You should use pink Himalayan salt or iodized salt to assist thyroid function.

June 2019 for Gemini

If you are finding that your relationships with others are not being very productive or delivering in the way you had hoped; this is a good time to renew and work on your business associations and reinvent them so that you can all support each other and work together effectively. Stronger together is a theme.


This is a time when pride comes before a fall and so, in all matters where you feel ambitious or impatient for results, just hold yourself in check.


With Mars entering your second house, being self-reliant and going with the decisions you make without looking back and without self-criticism is vital – hold your breath, close your eyes and jump.


Mars in your second house square Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn make this month very hard working and also stressful. You feel under pressure, not only in terms of your personal ambitions, but in terms of the expectations of others. Gemini are workaholics, you thrive on challenges and have ample energy, however this month achievement can come at a cost in terms of your health and so you must boost endorphins and serotonin with exercise, sunlight and vitamin C.  You can make steady progress and the sum of your efforts tends to mount up to something very impressive.


The moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th making this the most fertile time for launching new projects or ideas.  Hiring new staff is favored as is work in public service and teaching. If you work in medical or educational field, you can get a boost in terms of better working conditions, more benefits or more pay.


The activation of your 8th house planets by Mercury in your 2nd, increases a desire to get to the bottom of intimacy issues and you will broach sexual subjects. This is a good time to read about sex with or without your partner and get more proactive about fixing or resurrecting your sex life. Desire is not enough, you need information and armed with that you can become more aware of why you are where you are sexually. Issues about control, often exercised via money disputes, can be marring love. Time to strip away the things you seem to be fighting about and be honest that these 'things' which are ostensibly the thorny issues are actually masking fear of rejection and insecurity. You cannot skim the surface in 2019, you have to look deeper and know what the psychological drivers are.


Jupiter square Neptune brings rapid and unexpected success and so be careful of what you wish for as you just may get it.


Gemini in performance related careers get a boost and fame can come your way, along with some unwanted attention. The tallest trees catch the most wind, worth remembering this month.


June 2019 for Cancer Monthly Horoscope

The moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th making this your lights, camera, action time as new projects initiated now have an enhanced chance of success.


Mercury in your first house makes this an ideas rich time when you are busy, productive and ingenious. With Saturn and Pluto in your 7th there will be opposition to your ideas and so the challenge is to see problems coming and look to navigate past them. You can outwit your enemies and keep ahead of the competition, but you should never underestimate them. You win by having a light touch and being resourceful and non-confrontational.  It is vital to use words and wit to defuse tensions this month. Arm yourself with information and make sure you use it well, your debating powers are enhanced, so this should be no problem.


You are a star this month and can shine both at work and on the dating scene and so let your hair down, be yourself and put a personal stamp on things. It is important to work and live with flair and so do not hold back.


Romance is favored in June, you can have quite a bit of fun getting to know a new person and this relationship should contribute to a growth in self-esteem and self-confidence.


This month is also ideal for seeking promotion in careers connected to the law, university, the police or medicine. This is not a good month to enter into a partnership as you may do so under pressure or for the wrong reasons. You may get off on the wrong foot and never quite get it right again. Be careful of who you look to for business or legal advice and get more than one opinion.


While life in the dating world is carefree, marriage is tricky and it needs hard work and focus.  You both have to be able to look each other in the eye, be honest and pull together in terms of making decisions or even if you do not make a decision, you should know what options are on the table and you musty both be realistic.


It can be a tiring month and you should try to find time for gentle exercise. Eat more greens and boost your immune with some blueberries, cherries and green smoothies. Tiredness and lethargy could be linked to a virus, try add a tablespoon of colloidal silver to your routine, especially when you wake up.  You may find that part of your health and energy problems are due to excessive comprise, look after yourself and pull away from those energy vampires, you know who they are.


June 2019 for Leo Monthly Horoscope

There are powerful forces at work in your life now and no matter how it may feel, this is a very positive time when a good attitude can allow you to make significant changes that will turn events in your life around.


Jupiter Square Neptune indicates circumstances may arise which test your strength either mentally or physically allowing you to realize that you are capable of more than you think and that can be a turning point in terms of your attitude to obstacles and hurdles in your way.


The Moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th of June making this your take off phase for new ideas, goals and projects. With your 12th house activated by both Mercury and Mars, this month is one of the intangible and abstract, you have to use your intuition to guide you and you must pay attention to coincidences and subtle signals from other people and the universe. You may have to do research or work in the background – you may not achieve immediate recognition or acclaim and you have to think about the long term.


This is a very private month where many of your thoughts and aims are kept secret and you enjoy going about your affairs in secret. It should be a time to pause and reflect rather than to plough forward regardless. Often, a retreat or period of seclusion when you step away from the rat race can be very revealing and rejuvenating.


Even if you have made a mistake in terms of a work related decision, do not blow it out of all proportion – as they say, ‘today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s toilet paper.’ The world goes on and people soon forget.


A month of troubled sleep and anxiety and yet what you are grappling with is psychological and it is part of the past rather than related to today’s concerns – so perhaps you are being called to resolve an issue in the past which still niggles and creeps up on you to shock you. Close contact with others who have colds and flu should be avoided as you are very vulnerable to air born viruses. Take additional zinc and some natural vitamin C powder.


Be careful of people who are too needy or too helpful and ask yourself what is their true agenda and if perhaps they have deeper issues which you may or may not want to get drawn into.


You Leos are very intense this month; you take life quite seriously, and you are less lightly to brush things off as you take them to heart; however, you are good at coming to terms with the emotions aroused and dealing with them positively.


June 2019 for Virgo Monthly Horoscope

While this is a great time for love and romance, it is a little idealistic and what passes between you and a partner maybe superficial. Do not make promises you cannot keep. You are lucky in travel that has a romantic agenda i.e. meeting a loved one or traveling on honeymoon or with a spouse on your 1st major holiday together. A new spirit of self-respect or empowerment can change the dynamic of your relationships.


This is the best month in 2019 for business negotiations and short trips. Travel nationally for work and sales purposes is favored. Those taking exams will have luck.


The moon waxes between the 3rd and the 17th making this ideal time for new initiatives and making fresh starts. A good time for publicity and PR. Innovations, new apps and new product lines are successful. This period is very successful for marketing and approaching the press to run positive stories. A favorable time for journalism and all forms of communication. Virgo need to be cautious in seeking reviews, make sure you know the reviewer well before you approach them. It is time to work harder at getting creative projects perfect before rushing to the finish line – quality over quantity wins and it is worth delaying a project to get it 100% right.


A month when your partner may surprise you or you him/her – surprises which can be big or small and which do not have to be expensive, just thoughtful and personal make all the difference and can be make or break in keeping love alive.


Children can be very demanding and there is greater responsibility in connection with them – make sure you and your partner send the kiddies off to Gran for at least one weekend as they are stressing you both out.


A time to enjoy life and forget the gym and calorie counting. A good time to mingle and be carefree amongst friends and strangers. A greater self-awareness and self-honesty help you make decisions which can improve your emotional wellbeing, even if these decisions will upset some close to you. The pace of life speeds up and you will not have much time to eat and so buy more bananas and make smoothies or find a good plant based powder that you can easily blend with some berries and spinach to pack a nutritional punch. It is what works for you that counts rather than what is supposed to work for you. Always remain cognizant of the link between mentality, diet, and physicality – they all work together and must all be tackled.

June 2019 for Libra Monthly Horoscope

With your ruler in Taurus, trine Pluto at new moon, this is a great month for love and money. Financially you can turn corner and make changes to suit a new direction. Savings made and cut backs in the past now pay off, but even if you have been passive, it is not too late to take action, be decisive about a money matter and feel the positive effect.


In love, there is greater opportunity for regeneration, you both have a better grasp of core issues and there is a sense of getting back to basics, stripping away pretense and appreciating each other. In relationships where there are shared values and common ground, solutions can be found and the bond is stronger. However, if your relationship is built on a superficial understanding and there are no key values to unite you, you could drift apart or one of you may call it quits quite dramatically. You cannot hold a relationship together with sticking plaster right now, it must face its dénouement, if there is no substance.


Striking a balance between home and family life is a tough ask in June as work is demanding and you have to be on the ball.  You may be away from home as you travel for work. There are exciting chances to lead and to put your stamp on things. This is a good time for management and for putting your plans and ideas into action.  Bold initiatives can impress your boss and a pay rise could be in the pipe line.


Alternative remedies and homeopathy can be very helpful this month in addressing health concerns. It is best to opt for non-invasive therapies. Health and healing get a boost, but you should support recovery with a balanced diet with loads of greens and by limiting red meat and alcohol. More pineapples and fresh water fish are good for you.  You can also benefit a great deal from yoga or therapeutic breathing exercises.


This is a time when you need to inject humor into your love life; problems are best made fun of. Take a serious situation and send it up, there is nothing to be gained from being gloomy, having a laugh even about a serious problem could just be like that little bit of salt that makes even a crummy meal palatable.


This is a stubborn yet determined time when you can be highly persuasive and even a little controlling.  You are keen to get the upper hand and you will, as you have a better grasp of what is at stake as well as staying power and a sense of being right.

June 2019 for Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

An action packed month with varied activities and quite a bit of excitement.


This month may be filled with deadlines and some serious mental work. You are at your most industrious and will be honing in on the relevant facts and figures. Your critical Scorpio mind is in full gear and you are taking no prisoners when it comes to the way you analyze facts and come to conclusions, you are all about accuracy and will not necessarily spare people's feelings.  You can achieve a great deal in terms of written communications and if you write as a journalists or some sort of analyst, your findings can be significant. You can be quite sharp with your words at times.  A very good month to get to grips with admin and get organized.


Venus trine your ruler favors team work and strengthens business and personal relationships. You are able to attract people towards you who increase your self-worth and allow you to be more successful personally by being a foil i.e. someone who compliments your personality and brings out the best in you. You enjoy work with a partner, especially if you are both very different and bring a different approach to the table.


This is a great time for new relationships, especially if they open doors for you and help you expand your life. New love is about lifestyle changes and a feeling of being on a new road with different prospects. You succeed in love right now when you are willing to open a new chapter and go right with it.


Travel is a distinct possibility, especially international travel to coastal resorts. I anticipate much swimming and other recreational water sports. A great month for sporting competitions and also traveling to compete. Team sports are favored.


You may make changes to your appearance and this is a good month for facials, cosmetic dental work, liposuction or anything which helps improve your body confidence. Even a new haircut, could be your way of saying, “This is the new me and I am making a new start!”


Travel with your partner can help heal and promote romance, that feeling of getting away from it all is vital. You may not be able to really make a fresh start in terms of marriage without that break away to separate the old from the new, so take that memorable trip and come back new people.


Career is strongly favored, you may gain attention or get recognized. A project could have a much better outcome than you thought.  Public roles and careers in the limelight are more successful. You may attend ceremonies and get an award. Publicity regarding your creative work is very well-received. A pivotal and successful time of climax in career.

June 2019 for Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

The moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th of the month making this the most effective time to make new starts and be innovative and enterprising. Matters in connection with property and also family events are favored.


If you are in a new relationship you will be eager to make your new partner at home in your flat/house – you are also keen that he/she gets to know you in term of your likes and habits when it comes to home making. Sagittarians are generally the dog’s bodies in relationships and family life right now as it all seems to fall to you.


This is not a good time to make any serious changes to strategy – it may be better to sit things out and take a wait and see attitude rather than to try and pre-empt what you think (and you may be wrong) is coming.


Family matters are more complicated than usual and you may not have the answers but that does not matter, as at least you are able to console and comfort. It is not necessarily about answers, but about letting things develop and not prejudging events as what starts off as a strange and confusing circumstance, can end up as something quite lucky or serendipitous.


You are lucky when dealing with bureaucracy right now and so even if you are the small guy you can have success in getting justice or at least a fair say in dealings with big corporations or government.


You may be eating on the go and are being tempted by loads of fast food, try opting for sparkling spring water and eat more water melon and Galia melon as these are sweet and very filling and can keep you away from the dessert menu. You have to be more pro-active when dealing with authority, ask more questions. If it is your money, your livelihood and your business at stake, you have a right to know and so no being polite, get tough and do not care if you ruffle feathers.


Love and sex go hand in hand and if you do have a marriage that is becoming sexless, time to ask why and debate with your partner whether you are both happy with this. How important is sex in your life – be honest about this and look for ways to get back to the level that makes you happy.


You must not deny your aggressive side; Sagittarius are a non-confrontational sign and yet you do have anger and you should deal with it before it manifests as a health concern.

June 2019 for Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

The moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th meaning this is the green light zone for new chapters and initiatives. Changes you make this month can be both positive and powerful and can bring you back into alignment with your core goals and life aspirations. This is an excellent time to take the leap and see what happens. However, with Saturn in your first house activated, there is a degree of caution and negatively which can hold you back and you have to be careful not to feed yourself negative messages. You cannot wait for full information you have to take the leap of faith at some point or miss the opportunity. Comfort zones can be fences that trap you and so know when to resist that pull of the known and reach for the unknown.


This month is quite inspiration thanks to Neptune in your third house being activated. You are great at thinking out of the box and coming up with solutions.  You may travel nationally for recreation or to see a concert. Travel is a large group is favored, especially where you all share a common goal or vision. As your imagination is sparked, your memory will also be enhanced especially when you use images alongside facts to aid memory. Visualization alongside positive thinking us a powerful tool you can use to not only bring about positive outcomes but to role play and scenario build in your head to get prepared for a new circumstances or experiences.


Mars in your seventh house brings energy to relationships, however Neptune is squared by the new moon meaning there is some confusion and you and your partner may work at cross purposes. Communication is needed so that you can both get onto the same page and yet, you are both holding back and not revealing your true feelings for a number of reasons and this brings a cloud of doubt.  You may need to give your partner some space, and you may need to reconnect with friends to enjoy life away from your partner. There can be arguments and to be honest, you are both frustrated and need to let off steam, preferably away from the relationships arena.


A time of dynamic group leadership, where you can propel others to success via your willpower. Projects with a humanitarian or scientific purpose are successful.


A sexual encounter with a friend can have a powerful effect on you and could be key to you making a major decision.


June 2019 for Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

The Moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th of June making this the perfect phase for new pastures. This is a significant month for career and there will be many important developments. You can gain power and there is a chance for leadership. You can gain more control over your life direction and there is a great feeling of purpose.  You may however have concerns about your privacy and you may worry about how a new role could affect your personal life.


This is a very opportune time to impress – be more forceful and daring in terms of work and career, make sure you get noticed and get your foot in the door so that you are the first to be remembered when your boss makes his pick for a new opportunity or when a client needs that big job done.


Worry and anxiety are a part of this month as you tend to think ahead. This worry can be very helpful as it assists you in seeing pitfalls and that helps you pre-empt these and come up with back up plans, on the other hand it can make you anxious. Make sure you only entertain reasonable fears and do not let irrational worry get the better of you.


A feeling of paranoia can indicate indecisiveness and a fear of being judged, this is all in your head and you have to get the better of the negative voices.


Criticism can really sting this month, but only where it reflects your own inner doubts, you will gain confidence and that anxiety and fear of criticism will fade.


You are more vulnerable to allergies and seasonal viruses and so make sure you are stocked up on your medication, especially when traveling. Reduce gluten and dairy products, along with citrus juice to help dampen down allergic reactions. Moderation in everything is necessarily, no feast or famine, a little of what you fancy can do you good.


Love life is complicated, partly because you are emotionally complex and not always willing to open up. You need space and thinking time and you cannot tolerate pressure. Tolerance and understanding are the key elements to love life.  There are things you need to work through in your head, things only you understand, possibly only at a deep level, they defy words, which is why communication and sharing may not be feasible or helpful.

If you are single, a casual relationship with no strings attached and good sex can be just what you need for a release.

Good books both fiction and nonfiction can have a cathartic and healing effect on you.

June 2019 for Pisces Monthly Horoscope

The moon waxes from the 3rd to the 17th of June making this the most successful time to make your move and get projects and new ideas off the ground.  Neptune activated in your first house by the Sun and Jupiter bring a wonderful opportunity for new beginnings. This is an optimistic and bold time when you can step out from the shadows and lead. It is ideal for all performance based careers as you have presence and will make a lasting impression on others. They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and you need have no concerns as you can make an impact.


If you are starting a new job or beginning to work from home, this month should be a very positive one which results in more personal freedom and better health.


While healing and your overall health get a boost, you should be careful of a tendency to go overboard. You may drink more alcohol or be reckless with the situations you put yourself in. You have a great desire for adventure and novelty in your life and the way you seek that may not be entirely healthy. You are prone to excess and you throw caution to the wing gambling in love and life with an unqualified faith that it will all be OK, and it probably will as you are quite lucky, but do not push that luck.


This is a vibrant time in your spiritual life where you connect with a calling or purpose. Venus trine Pluto, your 9th house ruler, indicates long distance travel to a place totally new to you. This travel could be quite significant and may spark an interest within you or alert you to a calling. You may well travel to volunteer or do humanitarian work. The success you have now is not material, it is rather in terms of you self-awareness and person development and is often linked to faraway places and foreign cultures.


June is all about firsts and that includes love, where you may start a brand new love affair, I call it an affair not because there is infidelity, but because it is a little wild, unrestrained and unstructured. You thrive when you go with the flow, jump in with both feet and see what happens.


There is great energy for creativity and that applies to physical creativity i.e. dance or creative sports and also mental creativity in terms of innovation, design and invention. If you are developing a product, stick with it and ideas will come, do not give up, solutions can come about quite suddenly.


In marriages, this is a great time to unite behind your children and their goals. Be more involved in playing with your kids and let them ignite the child within.


You should take the lead in arranging parties, trips and excursions to enliven your love life. A good time for busy sightseeing holidays with your partner.



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