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Dasa Bhukti 

Know the Good & Bad Effects of Planetary Movements 


The dasa system is calculated using an approximate 120 years life span of man and the most important system of calculation is the Vimshottari Dasha. 

The seven planets and two lunar nodes of Indian astrology namely Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu influence an individual’s life at a particular period called mahadasha. It is linked to the grouping of nakshatras or lunar mansions in a way that each of the navagraha is the lord or ruler of three of the 27 nakshatras (3X9), and also the position of the moon is taken into consideration. A person’s mahadasha is calculated with accuracy according to the time, date and place of birth. It depends upon what planet rules at that time and then after, a methodical series of mahadasha progresses till an imaginary period of 120 years (though it is not necessary for a man to live all those years). The following time table shows the order and times of the mahadashas:-

Graha              Mahadasha

Sun                    6 years

Moon                  10 years

Mercury              17 years

Venus                 20 years

Mars                    7 years

Jupiter                 16 years

Saturn                 19 years

Rahu (north node) 18 years

Ketu (south node)   7 years

Dasa Bhukti or Sub Periods

Dasa bhukti or sub periods are planetary transitions that indicate good or bad effects according to their placements by moon sign (rasi), combinations of placements in a particular house (yogas or raja yogas), house (bhavas) and aspects (drishti).

Mahadashas play a very significant role by bringing big changes in people’s life by either taking them to the pinnacle of success or causing major downfalls – all this because the ruling planet creates a deep influence upon the individual’s life. Also, due to the relationship of ruling planet and that of the planets that exists in the native’s chart. If the Mahadasha is karaka which means exalted, then the period or phase grants the native wealth, harmony, joy and affluence.

On the flip side, if the positions are in disharmony or akaraka or malefic, then the native experiences a bad time full of problems, loss of money, debts and diseases.

But the exact results can be determined by carefully scrutinising the lordship and the placement of the planet.

Antardashas or Sub-Periods

Mahadashas are classified into nine segments called sub-periods or antardashas. In an individual’s life, all the nine planets will have their impact within the major influence of the planet which is the mahadasha. For e.g. Mercury’s Mahadasha is for 17 years and all the nine planets including Mercury will have their share of phase on the native and during this time, the Mahadasha and Antardasha influence the person.

Dasa Bhukti Calculations

Dasa bhukti periods indicate the planets ruling those times. The dasa calculator is used to display the dasa bhukti periods to find out the good and bad effects of planetary movements. These effects will show up according to the rasi (position of moon), house or bhava, combinations like yogas or raja yogas and aspects i.e. drishti.

The effect of the dasha lords are specified by factors like house strength and planetary strengths and have an effect on the phala or outcome of the dasa calculator.

When auspicious results are produced by the planet it is based on the shadbala or the planet or exalted nature. If the planet has moderate strength then results will be moderate and in case of bad results, a strong planet may reduce the effects of the bad whereas the weak planet worsens the bad effect.

One must Follow The Following Yardsticks for Qualitative Assessment of Dasa Bhukti:-
  • The natural qualities of planets whether exalted, debilitate or retrograde
  • Its benefic or malefic nature as per nakshatra siddhanta
  • Its strength when in motion – uchhabhilashi moving towards exaltation or neechabhilashi moving towards debilitation
  • The combust placements of planets and the speed of planets (ati chara).
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