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Yoga/ Raja Yoga Prediction Report

Raja Yoga means an auspicious yoga, which is generated to give prosperity, knowledge and grand success in our life with respect to career and business.

There are innumerous combinations of Raja Yoga and forming Raja Yoga is not a normal phenomenon because it is also connected with our Karma and actions as well.

Raja Yoga and immediate Raj Yoga is different, it means formation of yoga in your birth chart, which is bound to give you proper an exact results as per your birth or divisional chart.

Immediate Raj Yoga forms in transit charts and gives us immediate results with the connection of our ascendant or moon sign, certainly whomever is having Raja Yoga is blessed to live a prosperous and blissful life.

Vedicfolks is committed to decode all the Raja Yoga from your birth chart and give you the exact time frame when those yogas would get activated and generated as well.

Table of Contents in the Report: 
  • Birth details and astrological details. 
  • Birth chart & divisional charts. 
  • Your query or concern. 
  • Immediate Raj Yoga 
  • Transit charts 
  • Redemption of Raja Yoga period 
  • Raja Yoga by looking at your D1, D2, D9 and D10 charts. 
  • Road map to get prosperity. 
  • Affective Remedial measures. 
  • Karma Remedies to solve the current issues. 
  • Gemstone recommendation for your well being. 
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth. 
  • Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity. 
  • Mantras for quick redemption of problems.

The redemption of Raja Yoga is more important than having Raja Yoga in your birth and divisional chart.

Our prominent and experienced astrologers would decode the exact time frame and provide you a road map to get prosperity from your life.                                                                               

Factually, once you know the Raja Yoga time, frame then you can work in the right direction with the right attitude since direction and attitude is really important to get the best out of it.

We will encode your Raja Yoga by looking at your D1, D2, D9 and D10 charts and this particular Raja Yoga Predictions Report will be made in a very comprehensive manner so you can get the highest benefits on your own.

So you can order this report and get exact beneficial results and increase your own value and become more ethical on your own.