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Lifetime Health Planetary Transit Interactive Session


The native horoscope with date of birth, time of birth and place of birth gives a very clear several information of your lifetime health and also what you might require to improve your health conditions, in case if you have long troubling health issues, how you can fully enjoy your life, which part of the life time you have a flourishing health and what are the efforts to improve your health of both mental and physical circumstances.
With respect to health factors too, we have our query indicators of what is the health problem, how is the health problem, where is the health problem in the body, and why it has occurred? is all these questions to be answered. This is where Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer of Vedic folks can tell you about the major requirements of your lifetime health status considering the major factors namely Planetary placements, the house it is placed, the house opposite to favorable planets, zodiac sign, planetary aspects and transits.
Learn the Health Status, Longevity, Life span from Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer
We believe every native will desire to live long with our loved ones. To arrive an accurate study the native should possess with them the day of birth and time of birth. If these information’s are available, we can figure out beforehand about your health status and suggest remedies to take preventive measures in cases of troubled health, longevity, possible treatment by applying our expertise using astrological calculations to understand what are the planets which have a negative impact on your health, what is the remedy and how to overcome the health crisis. 
Some of the factors that can impinge the longevity of a person:

1. 8th house indicates house of spiritual implication, death and life span, how you transform yourself for betterment

2. 7th house indicates illness, ill-feelings, effects of the planets that causes tragic ending of a particular life span

3. Holy Trinity of Intelligent Spirit by Fire – indicates overall health, vitality, self-personality and expression of individual

4. Holy Trinity of Nutritious Spirit by Earth – indicates overall nutrition of human organism 

5. Holy Trinity of Relationship Spirit by Air – indicates Bonding and Relationship with others

6. Holy Trinity of Endings Spirit by Water – indicates ending and new beginning of health and vitality

7. Holy Trinity of Emotional Spirit by Space – indicates health and well-being activities

Personalized interactive reporting
Dr Navnit J Krishna Chief Astrologer interactive session with every native with respect to lifetime health, in a pre-fixed zoom. All the sessions between the client and the astrologer will be recorded, and kept in confidence. An audio file for lifetime health supported by a blue print of the entire session will be handed over to the client.
Call us now for Vedicfolks lifetime health Single Point Solution to learn more about your present and future health situations, that helps you to understand yourself better to take timely decision of your health requirements, determines your individual ability for self-care, self-financing sufficiency, advise remedies to overcome the crisis in a planned manner. 
Table of Covered Theme in this Session
1. Birth details and astrological details
Every aspect of health in personal life with the help of exact position of your planets; wealth indicators with good health, astrological aspects on personality, prediction of health events, physical stature, vigor and vitality.
2. Birth chart & divisional charts
We provide you complete details about your lifetime health, spouse, life partner insights, career, karma of past life, strength, details about children, micro and macro matters, siblings and knowledge. The study about planets in horoscope gives specific information on income earnings, assets and wealth generations.
3. Your query or concern
Answering your query in the interactive session, will be our prime motive, clearing all your doubts and difficulties on lifetime health. Our interactive reports provide you a very high clarity of understanding, creates awareness of your health-line situations. Customer centric is our prime motive.
4. The 2nd house, house of Health indicators of Heart, stomach, skin
This chart is very important for the health blessings of face, eye, tongue, brain, high fever and learn the remedies for recovery
5. The 3rd house, house of Health indicators of Poisons, Blood Pressure, Energy Loss
This chart is very important for the health blessings of neck, throat, collar bones, disease of female organs, mensural disorders and learn the remedies for recovery
6. The 4th house, house of Health indicators of Women Harmons, Weak Body Parts 
This chart is very important for the health blessings of Chest, Lungs, Breast of Women and learn the remedies for recovery 
7. The 5th house, house of Health indicators of Intestine, Gall Bladder, Womb
This chart is very important for the health blessings of upper abdomen, heart, intelligence, house of cure, absence of illness, stable health state.
8. The 7th house, house of Health indicators of Impotency, Dropsy, Disease of glands
This chart is very important for the for the health blessings of indigestion, throat disorders, urethral disease, hernia, general disabilities, remedies to recover.
9. Rahu-Ketu Effects in 7th House, lifetime health
This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu in the 7th House showing the mental stability, inferior nature, psyche, depression, accidents, birth defects, Kala Sarpa Dosha and the seven planets, remedy to overcome the illness and malefic effects
10. Divisional – 10 charts (health benefits, career upliftment, level of growth) analysis. 
Analysis of lifetime health, marriage and professional life, growth and career advancement.
11. Affective Remedial measures
Acts as a measure, provide information about external forces, silent and difficult to express about frustrations,
and what are the remedies?
Acts as a device, lists down your health strength and weakness, where and how to recover from the illness?
12. Karma Remedies to solve the current issues
Aspect of Planets may influence your past karmas, past sins, present life crisis linked to the past and what are the remedies protecting your sound health, master plan to overcome the health issues.
13. Gemstone recommendation for your well being
A healing stone, clears birth defects, deficiency in health, emits positive energy and protects your health from all negativities.
14. Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth
A precious bead, remove malefic effects of health, remove negative energy, calm stress level, brings good health peace and prosperity
15. Homas and temple puja for lifetime health, will be suggested to overcome health negativities
Accurate temple worship, puja and homam clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas of lifetime health issues for peace and prosperous life. Learn from our report your Adi devata for health and temple worship
16. Mantras for quick redemption of problems
Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems in health disorders, create self-awareness and self-healing power.

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