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Secret of Success for Lifetime Interacive Session


What is the Secret of Success?

Based on the belief that the souls of our ancestors still exists as spirits and be part of us to communicate all possible up-gradation and elevation in life for our betterment and fruitfulness. Spirits aid us in our life and capable of providing moral and ethical values, which is pretty useful to us, indicates "What man proposes God Disposes". At the same time, the dividing rule pronounces that personal success is not the results of hard work, efforts, accurate plans or driving force alone, but rather is based on the understanding the basic qualities as human-being and how the nature is driving as a prime facto, will all make our life successful and destiny oriented.

How to Rate Your Perspectives Which Support Your success for Lifetime?

Following the pattern of life by nature and divine energy, it conveys the inner truth that man cannot claim supremacy over God and whatever results he achieve in his life cannot be claimed or own his achievement due to his intelligence but it is God or Nature has come in his way to achieve. In order to achieve the full purpose of life and success he can promote his intelligence and self efforts with the support of nature. He also should realize that he did not emerge in this world out of himself, there is power of "Karma" in the past lives, which brought him into this world.

How Do You Know Your Good and Bad Karmas?

Vedicfolks experts are well versed in deriving your secrets of success for life time from your natal chart, predicting what is your extended possibilities beyond your biological living, as you have to plan something in life beyond possibilities and efforts and you have to know your limits and time, as destiny is more powerful than actions,       "Free At Will" and you may not able to overcome, as nature controls you. But understanding your Karma of past lives and the mystery or unknown defects of presiding life can be read in a better way, through our accurate predictions from our exhaustive report "Secret of Success for Lifetime". Our experts have exceeding level of experience and guide you through your queries and shall aid you with knowledge the positions of the planet which can predict the imbalances, anticipate the good and bad, understand how the controlling forces of Nature is working, how favorably and can bring under control the possible ill-effects of unfavorable planets before any major setback makes you destabilize in life.

How Important is Lifetime Success and How Do You Achieve It?

  • Be Pure and Potent - Be Non-judgmental, witness the intelligence in everything, remain calm without prejudice.
  • Be Affectionate, With Love and Appreciation - Be nice to others, gratefully exchange and receive gifts, keep your wealth circulating by giving and receiving.
  • Every Action Returns to Us in Like Manner - How you choose your actions that bring happiness and success to others, will ensure the same flow of happiness and success to you.
  • Take the Situations as it Comes - Own the responsibility for your action that lead into problems. Liberalize the need to defend your point of view for the mistakes, don't be in a hurry to express.
  • Understand the Importance of Intention and Desire - Life is full of desire and intentions and every man prefer his own desires in life with intentions or without even. But trust that when things fail to come your way, there is a reason and relieve from stress and heart-feelings.
  • Don't Force Matters on Your Side - Every man like to have successful results but allow it to emerge spontaneously without force or favor. Let there be a freedom of thought and action.
  • Truth Triumphs, Follow the Right Path - Any deeds we do truly should reveal the path to success and should manifest in physical form to fulfill the purpose. Let there not be a shortcut for achieving matters, at will, in our favor.


Table of Covered Theme in the Session


Birth Details and Astrological Details

Making a quick and general forecast of the native's personality, physical appearance and vitality. Lagna lord represents the physical self of a native, shows you self-identity and life direction. Shows you the "Atma karaka", life desires during this birth.

Birth Chart & Divisional Charts

We provide you the complete details about your Spouse, Career, Karma of Past Life, Strength, Personal Finance Forecast, Details about Children, micro and macro matters, details about Siblings, Knowledge, Intellect, Mind, Fortune, Career, Dream Business, Secret of Success in Life, Ups and downs in life,.

Your Query or Concern

Answering your query will be our prime motive, clearing your doubts and difficulties. Through our reports provide you the clarity of understanding. Create awareness of your life situations. Customer Centric is our prime motive.

Decoding Destiny, Birth Karma, Karma Phala

This Chart gives a study on Karma and portion of its phala in past life, gives information about brothers and sisters and what are your success benefic ratio and remedies.

Marriage Life Success and Everything Related to Spouse

This Chart gives a study on the effects of dashas, about husband, wife relationship and how successful the marriage life tends to be and what the remedies for Malefic Effects or Doshas.

Matru Karaka and Sthira Karakas - Parents and Relatives

This Chart gives a study on about parents (also uncles, aunts and grand-parents, i.e. blood-relatives of parents), how the native treat mother and other women, Evil Effects and Curses and what are the remedy.

Putra Karaka and 5th House - Child-Bearing, Off-Spring

This Chart gives you a study on Children's and grand children's and what are the related issues and remedies.

Debts, Enemies, Conflicts and Disease and 7th House

This Chart gives you a study on hurdles and challenges in life and how to overcome

Fulfilled and Unfulfilled Desires - 11th house

This chart is very important, which shows you material wealth accumulation and desires of native and life desires from past and present birth and what are the reasons for continuous birth and unfulfilled desires.

Raja Yoga Manifestation and Secret Mantra and Yoga of Patanjali

This Chart is important which lists your qualities namely self-control, non-violence, illusion, righteousness, religious observance and super consciousness.

The Strength, Weaknesses, Inherent Nature - 3rd House

This Chart is important which defines the natives strengths, weaknesses, inherent nature and success in life

Enemies, Evils and Punishment - 6th House

This Chart is detailed explanation of Enemies in Life and how to overcome.

Rahu-Ketu Effects Relieving from Business Misfortunes

This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu, indicates relationship and friends and protection from misfortunes

Divisional – 10 charts (Success in Career and growth) analysis.

Analysis of professional life for growth and successful career advancement.

Affective Remedial Measures

Acts as a measure, provide information about external forces and what are the remedies.

Karma Remedies to Solve the Current Issues

Aspect of Planets may influence your past Karmas, Past Sins and what are the Remedies protecting your Financial Fortune.

Gemstone Recommendation for Your Well Being, Enhance Fortune

A healing stone to bestow good luck, clears birth defects, remove financial misfortunes, hurdles and deficiency

Rudraksha Recommendation for Your Growth

A precious beads, Remove Malefic Effects, Calm Stress levels, to bring wealth and prosperity.

Homas and Temple Puja Will be Suggested to Overcome Negativity

Respective Temple worship and Homas clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas for peace, financial stability and prosperous life.

Mantras for Quick Redemption of Problems

Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems, create self-awareness, sound health and wealth

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