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Nadi Astrology

Nadi Predictions For Education & Wealth


who doesn’t want success in education and wealth?  While one teaches us to face the challenges of life successfully the other is needed for life’s very sustenance. Education cuts across barriers as every section of people are looked upon as one and taught as one. We look at life positively that too with self confidence. You can even find out whether your child’s future in this area would be bright-whether your child has chances of scoring well or not. How much education will one accumulate over the period of time.

Not only education, having a wholesome family life is important too. The nadi astrologer can predict this easily for you. We understand that family life is everything for some. People look upon family for moral support and love, and bonding among members is for a lifetime. This chapter also envisages matters with regard to power of eyesight.  Speech is another aspect that is mentioned in this chapter and lays stress on the ability of express oneself.