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Sree Chakra Yantra


About Sree Chakra Yantra

Sree Chakra Yantra is one of the holiest and highly beneficial yantras, also known as nav chakra. This chakra represents the utmost alliance and union of space and sound. The Sree chakra yantra has patterns that imply the human body. Thus, worshipping and revering this yantra assists in gaining excellent mental and physical health.

Significance of Sree Chakra Yantra

Sree Chakra Yantra is a highly significant yantra as it attracts the glorious boons of mighty Lord Shiva and the great goddess Shakti. The commanding Lord Shiva soaks all the negativities and pain from life, and powerful goddess Shakti adores life with power and glory. This yantra keeps all the negative energies away and illuminates life with immense positivity and prosperity.

Need for Sree Chakra Yantra

The Sree Chakra Yantra is highly beneficial for those who are countering negativity and obstacles in life. This yantra eradicates all the negative energies and fulfils life with positive points. The yantra works like magic for those undergoing a rough phase in life and are in sudden need of pious blessings.

Benefits of Sree Chakra Yantra

Here are a few prominent boons of Sree Chakra Yantra-

  • Sree Chakra Yantra removes all the barriers in life and grants immense success in all undertakings.
  • This yantra keeps the adverse energies away and adores life with peace and serenity.
  • This yantra eliminates all the evil spells and boosts peace and harmony.
  • It brings an aura of blissful state and utmost stability.
  • The yantra adores life with the blessings of mighty Shiva and Shakti Devi.

How to use Sree Chakra Yantra?

Here are a few important points which one must keep in a note while using and worshipping Sri Chakra Yantra-

  • Keep the face of the yantra either in the east or north direction.
  • Put four dots with either vermillion or sandalwood paste on four sides of the yantra.
  • Devote flowers, fruits and light the incense stick in front of yantra while worshipping it.
  • Chant any Shiva or Shakti mantra while admiring the yantra.

How to get Sree Chakra Yantra?

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