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Career—Your Lucky Career Interactive Session

Are you being your real self in life? Have you explored your skill sets and are you making justice to your skills? There are many out there who have graduated in some passionate subject and working in an entirely different field just to make a living!

This applies to your passionate job in your life. You might be destined to be yourself in life, but you might be acting in the stage of career as someone else! Your interests, path of life, likes and dislikes bestowed to you when you came into the world would be an entirely different skill set, but just for situational sake you might be living an entirely different life, which might not suit you in many ways.

There is a sense of achievement if you do what you are passionate about—isn’t it? We help you discover the real CAREER MEANT FOR YOU. This is done with the help of a panel of Vedic Consultants who go through your life’s pattern and your birth details and discover what you were really intended in life for—they help you rediscover a new way to career! The real you report will be mailed to you along with the strong remedial measures you’ll have to perform in order to do what you are passionate about. Appeasing certain planets and deities can change the whole purpose of your career. Take the fullest advantage of it—after all you were sent onto the earth plane, for an intention and purpose in career—fulfil the purpose, discover the real career!