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Career & Business Success Package


Career & Business Success Package helps to lift up your business, career and removes the negative force in your field. It lighten ups your career and business path and relieves you from bankrupt and mental block. This package washes away all the evil energies, protect one's organization and it creates peaceful environment and doubles your income. Maha Sudharshana Homam and Ista Devata Homam is performed to stop business lossess, improve the chances of getting a new job and helps to reach high position in current job. Overall, it removes scarcity of money, financial stability and ensures peace in workplace.

Career & Business Path Management Report

Career Path Management ReportThe career & business path management report covers the various problems in your business and career prepared by our astrologers for the upcoming months and also it plays a most important role in improving your career growth and business.
When it comes to your career, it encapsulates your life, doesn’t it? In spite of everything, your show of life runs on how well you flourish in your career, both by your title and by your money! No matter you got into the study of your choice, you might sometimes be in an entirely different career, which you continue for name sake. Another case being, you have attained the same career path matching up your studies, but you feel you can try your hands on something better that will work well for you. Do not sit back thinking it’s too late now.
Whether the business will be successfull or not? How many days i have to wait to get profit? These type of questions always arises in the mind of business man. Business path management report helps a person to select the right type of business sector, even the person are going to start a new business or may be in successful path in business. A successful person may also fail due to bad time. Our astrologer will completely analyze the business and financial position in your horoscope and guides you to choose the right way to take your business out of the bad time.
You must realize astrology not only has the power to predict, it also has the power to CHANGE.
Maha Sudharshana Homam
A Powerful homam done to accelerate Career and Business growth. Also For destroying enemies, warding off evil forces, healing  health diseases and preventing accidents.

Why Maha Sudharshana Homam?

Career Success Package - Maha sudharshana HomamMaha Sudharshana Homam is an immensely potent Vedic ritual which invokes the grace and blessings of Lord Sudharshana, the chief deity of this Homam, to destroy your enemies, protect you from sorcery and evil spells, heal serious health disorders and prevent you from accidents and injuries.
This is powerful of all the homams in giving the success related to Jobs, Promotions, Business Ventures, Increasing Cash flows and changing negative cash flows to positive cash flows.
Lord Vishnu, the supreme God is considered as the protector of the universe who helps for living a peaceful life. He is also known by different names and plays a key role in warding off evil forces and enemies. The Sudarshana chakra of Lord Vishnu is considered as a powerful one which is mainly used for destroying demons and ill forces. According to ancient Vedic texts, Maha Sudarshana homam is equivalent to ten homams that show ways for witnessing major benefits in life to a wider extent.

Benefits of performing Maha Sudharshana Homam

Since Sudharshana Chakram is the powerful weapon of Maha Vishnu Himself,  Sudharshana Homam helps you conquer all your known and unknown enemies who hinder your growth and success. Doing this homam on regular basis will change weaker business houses to a very profitable company in a shorter span of time with warding off negative energies around the business and individuals.

Ista Devata Homam

Career Path Management Report - Ista Devata Homam
This service is based on your Ista devata analysis from Prediction Service of Career Path Management Report. Everyone should know their Ishta Devata and must do the worship of Ishta Devata to get rid of karmic cycles and attain Moksha. Our astrologers helps you to predict your Ista Devata by studying your birth chart and the presiding deities for each planet as per your horoscope. 
Worshipping of Ista Devata and performing Ista Devata Homam not only ensures well guided and protected life, but also helps you to attain liberation and coming out of endless cycle of life and death.

Seven Mukhi – Seven Phased Rudraksha

Career Path Management Report -  Seven Phased Rudraksha7 represents the divine number of Goddess Mahalakshmi, the divine half of Lord Vishnu. When you are aiming towards a prosperous life, you should never give a thought about possessing and using a seven phased Rudraksha.
Goddess Mahalakshmi is the authority to worldly pleasures and pursuits and takes you to the road not taken—the road of richness, prosperity and divine wealth as well.
When you possess 7 phased Rudraksha you will be blessed with good health, richness and new opportunity. Seven phased Rudraksha grands abundance in all areas like career and business thereby bringing all around fortune and riches. It also brings victory, business profit and financial security.
Free Energised Product with this Combo
Career Path Management Report - Sudarshana YantraSudarshana Yantra
Keeping the energised Sudarshana Yantra at your place emits powerful radiation which keeps enemies from you and provides a successful career and business growth.

Finance Success Package -  SaligramamSaligramam

It is the most sacred stone to worship Lord Vishnu. Keeping this Energised Saligramam at your home and doing pujas will increase your merits in all matters and removes your unwanted fears in life.

Finance Success Package Idol for Car Dashboard

Keep the energised idol from the powerful ritual in the car dashboard to have a safe and smooth without any problem.

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