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Career Selection Guidance Interactive Session


Is Success in Career, a Dream?

Every human-being dream success of their career. In career, many struggle for first few years to move up the position in the corporate ladder. Just doing their day to day work does not gain any promotion and the corporate people doesn't work that way. It is fact, when one of the employee is doing well in their career, can move up the ladder very fast. He or She is said to be lucky as that person is at the right place, at the right time of their career and achieve growth opportunities, which is a stepping stone for success.

One has to realize that if you have to grow faster, you have to convince your immediate supervisors that you are good enough for the bigger tasks and comprehensive roles and capable of achieving the targets on time, understanding the process and volume of business. In order to reach certain levels, one has to differentiate themselves from others, standout take initiatives, show how passionate you are towards work, deliver results, team relationship and gives a path for creating a brand image for yourself.

At same time if people perform only bare minimum, they tend to stay at stages in "Average" Performer bracket. In order to grow at a phase, it is required that you need to take more responsibilities, help your team to perform with you and also think about company's plan and requirements. Don't wait for opportunities to come to you. While you grow, always bear in mind the market realities, what is expected, be action-oriented and show your performance.

Make an impact, create new work process to grow with your sincere efforts, follow-up day-to-day work requirements, track goals, will all help you to grow at a better phase, but also make the company to grow to different heights. This require some strategies, bigger picture view of your work and business model and plan your work execution from medium to long term view. Creating a brand is not just upgrading your technical skills, but also requires your lively presence in the office, your expression and interpersonal skills, ability of thinking and moving in a positive direction. So don't let your thinking to be at lowering your career prospects, always think big, move strong and develop all skills that sync with your ideas and goals. Always present yourself with a strategic thinking and believe that you are only one responsible for your own career growth. So device a plan, execute and achieve success in your career and prove that, it is not just a dream.

How Vedicfolks Be Your Partner to Guide Your Career to Success?

Vedicfolks experts use outstanding techniques with much care and interest can advise you short and long term plans, in choosing your career, by analyzing your Birth Chart predictions, guide you by understanding your strength, personality and skills. Every native is believed to hold unique career avenues and it becomes important to recognize them and plan your career according to the predictions which can be analyzed from our extensive report knowing your planetary position and how favorable it is to your career dream and suggests remedies to overcome the obstacles and troubles you may come across in your career building.


Table of Convered Theme in the Session


Birth Details and Astrological Details

Making a quick and general forecast of native's life based on the Lagna and its Lord Placement exhibits birth details, gives an overall picture of the quality of life.

Birth Chart & Divisional Charts

We provide you the complete details about your Spouse, Career, Karma of Past Life, Strength, Personal Finance Forecast, Details about Children, micro and macro matters, details about Siblings, Knowledge, Intellect, Mind, Fortune, Career, Love Relationship, Popularity and Star Status, Ups and downs in life.

Your Query or Concern

Answering your query will be our prime motive, clearing your doubts and difficulties. Through our reports provide you the clarity of understanding. Create awareness of your life situations. Customer Centric is our prime motive.

Indicates Aim, Purpose in Life - 1st house - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This report gives natives the details of his birth what he aim to achieve, destination of life, the position of planets, gives us an idea of where the native is intend to attain.

Career Line, Family Business - 2nd House - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This report shows, wealth, prosperity, career indications, primary education, family business and what are the positions of the planets, what is the remedy and solutions.

Social Contacts, Inherent Leadership Qualities - 3rd House - Role of Atmakaraka Planet

This Chart is important which defines which path of career he will be in the midst of influential position, is dealings and undertakings is rewarding? when he achieve important position in his career?

Love, Career, Education, Talents - 4th House - Role of  Matri Karaka

This chart is very important, which shows intelligence, family values and talents, literacy background, music and arts, mental outlook and moral values.   

Intelligence, Creations, Workspace 4th House - Role of Pitru Karaka

This chart is very important, which shows your career opportunities to work from office or Independent management, Professional status in Life.

Emotions, Intelligence in Personal Life and Career - 5th House Significance

This chart shows love affair, children, higher education, physical body, digestive system, sound mind and are you a government servant? will highlight your career prospects.

Personal and Career Experience, General Life Area - 6th House Significance

This Chart shows job and service, health and personal hygiene, daily routines and responsibilities, which career is best suited, any adversities, Suggest Remedies.

Marriage, Spouse, Ego Issues and Sacrifices - 7th House

This chart is very important, shows is your spouse trustworthy? dependable? supportive to you? is she an authority image? Ego Issues. Identify Adversities, Suggest Remedies.

Death, Malefic Effects, Sudden Gains and Losses in Career, Longevity - 8th House

This Report shows your lifespan, sudden or natural death, illness, or accident, death in workplace, sudden gains and losses of wealth, Any Malefic Influences, Suggest Remedies.

Mind, Spirituality, Higher Truth - 9th House - role of Amatya Karaka

This chart is very important, based on the Birth Chart, higher education & learning in the form of studying psychology or philosophy or through spirituality.

Source of Income, Wealth Earnings, House of Gains- 11th House Significance

This Chart is detailed explanation which indicates fulfillment and defiance of desires, wealth earnings, foreign sources, speculations and inheritance.

Raja Yoga - Quality of life, Good Fortune

This Chart is important which gives you information of Finance and Wealth Fortunes, Special Skills, Great Career, Influence and Power.

Move towards Liberation - 12th House - High in Self-awareness

This chart is very important, which shows illumination, divine force, detachment from near and dear ones, intuition, isolation and imagination.

Rahu-Ketu Effects - Relieving from Misfortunes

This Report is very useful to know the effects of Rahu-Ketu, indicates profession and downfalls, failures in profession and depression, Relieve from adversities and Remedies.

Divisional – 10 Charts (Professions and Career, Financial Stability) Analysis.

Analysis of birth chart, family wealth, married life and professional life money and wealth gains for growth and career advancement.

Affective Remedial Measures

Acts as a measure, provide information about external forces and what are the remedies, saving from debts and difficulties. Acts as a device, List down your skill power and where and how to advance?

Karma Remedies to Solve the Current Issues

Aspect of Planets may influence your past Karmas, Past Sins and what are the Remedies protecting your Financial Fortune.

Gemstone Recommendation for Your Well Being, Enhance Fortune

A healing stone to bestow good luck, clears birth defects, remove financial misfortunes, hurdles and deficiency

Rudraksha Recommendation for Your Growth

A precious beads, Remove Malefic Effects, Calm Stress level, brings wealth and prosperity.

Homas and Temple Puja Will Be Suggested to Overcome Negativity

Respective Temple worship and Homas clears Rahu-Ketu Doshas for peace, financial stability and prosperous life.

Mantras for Quick Redemption of Problems

Invoking the divine power, the sounds and recital provide quick healing of problems, create self-awareness, sound health and wealth

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