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Sudarshana Yantra


About Sudarshana Yantra

Sudarshan Yantra is a powerful disc or holy instrument that wards off all the evil spells and negative energies. Sudarshan Chakra is the mighty weapon of the supreme Lord Vishnu. Sudarshan Chakra has immense power like that of flames of the sun. Sudarshan Yantra has all the robust characteristics of Sudarshan chakra. It creates a stable balance in life and keeps all the malicious energies at bay.

Need for Sudarshana Yantra

Sudarshan yantra is a potent instrument that shatters all evil energies. The yantra is highly needful to keep the negative points of all the evils and enemies away. All the mental and spiritual health catastrophes remain away with this powerful yantra.

Significance of Sudarshana Yantra

Sudarshan Yantra radiates sacred flames and energies, which crushes all the negative energies. This yantra brings the blessings of the protector of this universe, the great Lord Vishnu, which makes this yantra even more influential. One of the most significant aspects of Sudarshan Yantra is that it represents the pious energies of Sudarshan Chakra, the weapon of great Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Sudarshana Yantra

Here are a few prominent windfalls of Sudarshana Yantra-

  • Sudarshana Yantra keeps all the negative energies and forces at a safe distance.
  • This yantra assists us in fighting all the adverse powers and helps beat all the obstacles.
  • The yantra has enormous powers to safeguard us from evil and our enemies.
  • The yantra brings the pious blessings of Lord Vishnu in life.
  • It also keeps all the mental stress at bay and enriches life with spiritual awakening.

How to use Sudarshana Yantra?

Following are a few essential rules which one must follow during the worship of Sudarshana yantra-

  • Place the yantra in either east or the north direction on a fresh and pure altar.
  • Don't touch or let anybody touch the yantra with dirty hands.
  • Wash the yantra with a mixture of rosewater and milk. Don't use simply water to clean the yantra.
  • To worship the yantra, position four dots using either kumkum or sandalwood paste on it's four flanks.
  • Light the incense stick or an earthen lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Chant "Om Sudharshanaya Vidmahey Maha Jwalaya Dhi Mahi.
  • Tanno Chakra Prachodayat" and start the worship. To attract the highest benefits from the mantra, do not forget to chant the mantra for 108 times.

How to get Sudarshana Yantra?

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