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Make this Krishna Jayanthi an Unforgettable One as it Fetches Wealth, Success and Career Improvement
Scheduled Live On 14th August ,2017 @6 PM IST


Sri Krishna Jayanthi
Sri Krishna Jayanthi

Come August 14, 2017, the birthday of one of the most popular deity of the Vedic pantheon will be celebrated with pomp and glory. Sri Krishna Janmashtami is notable for its unity and brotherhood. This year that this festival falls during the month of Aadi seems quite rare and uncommon. There’s an intensified aura of divinity that makes Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2017 so special. Vedicfolks special rituals for the day Sri Krishna Homam and Sudarshana Homam bring plenty of goodness to you.

Sri Krishna Homam - Grants Success & Protects
Sri Krishna Homam wipes out sins, Karmic influences and doshas. It also promises success in all spheres. It also grants prosperity, good health, peace of mind and protects the devotee from all harm.

Sudharshana Homam  - Cures diseases and uplifts career
Sudarshana Homam improves your status in society by uplifting your career and business. Lord Sudharshana or Maha Vishnu is the chief deity of this homam and his chakra called Sudarshana relieves people of all sufferings. It also has healing powers and cures diseases and ill health forever.

Sri Krishna Jayanthi
Chandi Homam
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