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Chandi Homam on Aadi Friday Eliminates all Adversaries and Gives Prosperity Too..
Scheduled Live On Aug 11th @ 6PM IST


Aadi Velli rituals
Aadi Velli rituals

Significance of worshipping 

Goddess Chandi during Aadi month


Since the month of Aashad or Aadi is auspicious for Devi or Durga worship, it is only justified that Goddess Chandi, a form of Mother Durga, is venerated during the month. 
Goddess Chandi emerged from three beams of fierce light emitted from the bodies of the Trinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to kill the mighty demon Mahishasura. When the demon came to know that a woman was destined to kill him, he laughed mockingly and the Goddess took the form of Chandi and butchered him in no time. Therefore, Chandi Homam holds great significance in ensuring victory over enemies, legal hassles, removes obstacles, eliminates negative energies like evil eye and black magic, gets rid of malefic effects of planets and also promises unlimited wealth and prosperity besides keeping you in perfect health.

Aadi Velli rituals
Sri Krishna Janmashtami
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