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Get Divine Wealth Blessings & The Boon of A Happy Married Life With Divine Combo Rituals
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Bring Supreme Wealth Blessings & Get The Boon Of 

A Happy Married Life With Our 

Divine Combo Rituals 

maha meru ritual

Maha Meru Vedicfire Rituals - Grant You With All Types Of Prosperity 


Maha meru is a very powerful yantra and is the divine abode of Goddess Tripura Sundari.  It’s a three dimensional yantra made of multi pyramid cosmic grids that symbolises abundance and positive powers. When invoked, it brings material and spiritual wealth, success, well being, good fortune, wealth and fame.  The Maha Meru is a cosmos in itself that holds the powers of the gods and goddess and is especially favourable during the age of Kali yuga. By worshipping this divine instrument, one is blessed with ashta siddhis or eight devout powers of supreme spirituality.
Vedicfire rituals to Maha Meru are being done on Amavasya day when evil spirits rear their ugly heads to unleash terror. The goddess when invoked on this day crushes negativity and paves the path to happiness and peace. So, all rituals chosen for the day have great importance and potential to bestow their special benefits.


Rituals for Maha Meru Homam

• Maha Meru Homam  
• Navarna Puja 
• Rajarajeshwari Puja 
• Saptakannika Puja
• Chandi Saptashlokhi Puja 
• Dasa Mahavidya Puja
• Dhanakarshana Yantra Puja

 Vivaha Panchami – A Day to Improve Relationships, 

Get Happiness in Matrimony & Solve Infertility Issues

vivaha panchami

Vivaha Panchami is the day of the divine wedding of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. This year it falls on 4th December. It is observed on the fifth day of the waxing moon in the month of Karthigai (November-December).


Vivah Panchami is marked as the auspicious day to celebrate the union of two bodies into one soul for the seven life cycles one goes through before one attains salvation. Every couple that wants happiness in their life can perform this ritual on this day.

Vivaha Panchami rituals are very special to strengthen family ties especially relationships between husband and wife, to increase progeny, for successful love life that ends in marriage, to solve infertility issues, prevent divorce and happiness in matrimony. 


Vedicfolks Rituals for Vivaha Panchami


• Swayamvara Parvathi Homam
• Kamakala Malini Homam
• Kamaratna Homam
• Kamakala Kali Homam

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