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maha meru and vivaha panchami

Mahameru Vedicfire Rituals on Amavasya


The Mahameru is the three dimensional form of Sri Yantra. Goddess Shakthi who resides in this great divine abode showers you with everything you want. Be it wealth, health and prosperity, it is the mother of all yantras. It has miraculous hidden powers that attracts the cosmic rays transmitted by planets and other universal objects and transform them to positive vibrations. It therefore destroys all bad forces around a person and gives one a prosperous and blessed life. 

The Maha Meru Homa transforms your dream to reality. It attracts wealth, fame power and prosperity and keeps you supercharged for all tasks that you need to perform.  if you are facing personal setbacks or other financial problems, this powerful yantra  will come to the rescue. It removes all obstacles and blesses one with happy, healthy and wealthy life. 

Vedicfolks is performing the Maha Meru Homam on November 18, 2017 the day of amavasya considered to be auspciouis to ward of f evil powers that rear their ugly heads on New Moon day. 

Here is a list of other rituals being performed on the day


• Maha Meru Homam  
• Navarna Puja 
• Rajarajeshwari Puja 
• Saptakannika Puja
• Chandi Saptashlokhi Puja 
• Dasa Mahavidya Puja
• Dhanakarshana Yantra Puja

Vivaha Panchami Vedicfire Rituals 

Vivaha Panchami marks the day when Lord Rama married Mother Sita. The lord won the hand of the mother after breaking the divine bow of Lord Shiva.  It is a day for success in marital relationships and by performing rituals on Vivaha Panchami one can strengthen bonds, and if one is unmarried, then one can expect very good prospects for marriage. 

With this stupendous ritual one can have a successful love marriage, problems of conceiving child can be solved, successful relationships between couples can be prolonged, one can attract loved one by their side and also  expand the family. 

Vedicfolks is performing the Vivaha Panchami Vedicfire Rituals on November 23, 2017, to bring you the blessings of deities like Shiva and Parvati, besides Goddess Kali and other deities that are responsible for strengthening man-woman relationship

Rituals For Vivaha Panchami 2017 

• Swayamvara Parvathi Homam
• Kamakala Malini Homam
• Kamaratna Homam
• Kamakala Kali Homam 

maha meru and vivaha panchami
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