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Powers of Shakta and Shakti Cure Negativities in Everyday Life, Bless Calmness, Pleasing, Delightful, Beauty and Gentleness with Abundance
Scheduled Live Stream on June 5, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST



Powerful Narasimhi, Bless Protection From Black Magic, Remove Enmity and Fear, Bestow Victory and Wealth


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Pratyangira Pashupatam Homam


Powers of Shakta and Shakti Cure Negativities in Everyday Life, Bless Calmness, Pleasing, Delightful, Beauty and Gentleness with Abundance


Scheduled Live Stream on June 5, 2020 @ 3:30 PM IST


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Goddess Pratyangira Devi is a very powerful goddess that emerged from one of the wings of Sarabheswara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva and is a combination of lion and human and is also called Narasimhika, a female version of Lord Narasimha. She is with male lion's face and a female human body characterizing the unification of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, possess combined destructive powers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and master of equilibrium of good and bad. Pratyangira Pashupatam Homam is very auspicious ritual, creates unity and cordial relationship at home and work place, gives you high level knowledge, decision making powers to decide what is good and what is bad, makes you attain positive fulfillment in life. 

Pratyangira Pashupatam Homam

Vedicfolks is organizing " Pratyangira Pashupatam Homam" a powerful ritual to appease Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, brings positive influence, neutralize the negativity, blesses devotees with enlightenment achieving all life desires, free from complications, gives relief from hindrances and obstacles in the path of success, solve relationship issue with spouse and children's, usher age old honors and respect, remove malefic effects, unfortunate arguments, devastation, clearing marriage obstacles, liberation from lavish life, fear from disease, death, gain fruitful results in life.


Auspicious Rituals and Puja's Scrap Misfortunes and Negative Energies, Bless Good Deeds, Positivity to Prosper


Pratyangira Pashupatam Homam - Destroys destructive energies and those who surrender to the goddess are absolved of past birth karma, find peace, prosperity and happiness in their life. The goddess reduces pain and suffering, diseases, grants salvation and grants blessings of 16 wealth.


Baglamukhi Puja - A puja to this powerful deity blesses you with a great career, profits in business, fortune and increases assets. All negative outcomes of curses, sorcery, black magic etc. can be removed by performing puja to baglamukhi, the goddess who goes by the name of Bramhastra Roopini.


Ratri Suktam Chanting - The sacred verses addresses to the problem of fear of night and provides protection for all. It also helps to get rid of nightmares and sleeplessness. Memorizing the Suktam and reciting it before going to sleep at night is beneficial.  This chant aids in destroying enemies, makes us trouble free and gives happiness, peace and prosperity.


Devi Suktam Chanting - Devi Suktam pays obeisance to the infinite goddess Maha Shakti removes sufferings and bestow happiness, removes difficulties and provides tranquility. She resides in the form of hunger in man and also as energy, desire and humility. She is true of wealth, memory, compassion and satisfaction. By worshipping this great form, one achieves all virtues and desires.


Pratyangira Devi Temple Puja - She is a very powerful goddess who emerged from the third eye of Sarabheswara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva with 1,008 lion heads, 2,016 hands and a blood stained tongue lolling out. A puja in this temple will help forget relief from financial problems, wedding boon, progress in business and employment opportunities.


Energised Pratyangira Yantra - Bestows success, optimism and hope. The yantra gives instant relief from Sarpadosha and nightmares that cause sleeplessness. Worshipping the yantra with devotion and sincerity fetches happiness and peace



Combined Benefits of Pratyangira Pashupatam, Bless Peace, Positivity, Remove Obstacles,

  • Cure Inabilities, Bless Joy and Abundance
  • Achieve victory in all objectives and blessings of 16 types of wealth.
  • Find instant solution to legal problems, profession-related losses and insolvency.
  • Get relief to Hidden Troubles and Enemies and Destructive forces.
  • Eliminate evil eye and all forms of black magic issues.
  • Bless New skills, knowledge and positive energy, removing ignorance and darkness
  • Protects all from odds, guide right path, provide courage and strength