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9 Powerful Forms of Durga for Eradicating Negativity
Scheduled live on March 25, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


Ugadi 2020 Special - Nava Durga Homam


9 Powerful Forms of Durga For Eradicating Negativity, Effects of Rahu & Protection From Life Threats


Scheduled live on March 25, 2020 @ 6 PM IST


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"UGADI" - "U"thsavam (Festival) "G"owravam (Honor) "A"anandam (Happy) "D"hanam (Charity) "I"shwaryam (Prosperity). It is the festival of new beginning, new aspirations, new hope & new life. Nava Durga Homam is performed on this special occasion to propitiate the nine forms of Durga, a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. The nine forms are worshipped with special rituals during Ugadi festival vanquish evil forces and protect us from all evil and keep our soul pure.

Ugadi 2020 Special

Unique Characteristic of Nava Durga


Shailaputri - Purest Form of Goddess Durga


Brahmacharini - Endows With Marital Bliss & Moksha


Chandraghanta - Battle Evils From All Directions


Kushmanda - Gives Strength, Courage During Adversity


Skanda Mata - Get Rewards Of Salvation, Power, Prosperity


Katyayani - Ready To Confront Evil All The Time


Kalaratri - Allays Fears & Protects From Darkness


Maha Gowri - Washes Away Past, Present, Future Sins


Siddhidayini - Grants Wisdom and Insight


Why Perform Nava Durga Homam


Nine manifestations of Goddess Durga one who governs planets of universe is an iconography, was created by Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva to slay down Buffalo Demon Mahisasura when three lords with Devas gone powerless, gave birth to Goddess Durga, a combination of powerful energies in the form of Goddess Shakti, a derivative power of male Lords and true source of their inner power, is a philosophical and domineering personality.


Those who affected negatively by the Planets & want to lead the life that you have dreamt of, Use this opportunity that come your way by performing the Nava Durga Homam on Ugadi.



  • Bless Self-consciousness, Remove Negativities
  • Gain Will-power and Self Confidence, Remove Jealous and Evil Eye
  • Bless powerful bonding, remove splits and conflicts
  • Remove fear of threat, hostility, gain spiritual energy
  • Bless material wealth, abundance, remove poverty
  • Overcome fatigue, depression, Bestow good health


Other Blessings That You Receive:-


Durga Ganapathi Puja - Conquer Enemies & Avoid Mental Exertions


Durga Sookta Homam - Eradicate Negative Energy & Get Financial Stability


Vana Durga Temple Puja - Eradicate Internal Enemies & Stay Protected


Energised Maha Meru - Remove Hurdles, Overcome Obstacles, Bless Peace And Harmony

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