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Marriage & Relationship Enhancing Rituals
Scheduled Live on Dec 01, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Vivaha Panchami 2019 Special


Marriage & Relationship Enhancing Rituals



To Beget Progeny, Keep Marital Bonds Strong & Prevent Marriage Obstacles


Scheduled Live on Dec 01, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Vivaha Panchami is an auspicious day when Goddess Sita weds Lord Rama. Vivaha Panchami ritual is a divine one that is suitable to solve all relationship breakdowns, conflict of interests, destructive moods, bad deeds, financial difficulties and mental stress and improves life longevity, health, wealth and humanity.


Vedic Rituals To Enhance Marriage & Relationship


Kalyana Ganapathy Homam

  • Improve relationship with spouse
  • Give peaceful married life
  • Solutions for delay in marriages
  • Wards off the malefic effects of planets
  • Negative influences and ‘doshams’ can be reversed

Siddhi Buddhi Vinayaka Temple Puja - Lord Vinayagar along with his consorts Siddhi & Buddhi is worshipped here as "Vivaha Varamarulum Vinayagar" - the grantor of the marriage boon. Special Pujas here give solution for marital life problems.

Swayamvara Parvathi Homam

  • Solve infertility issues
  • Maintaining a positive vibration between couples
  • For better understanding between couples
  • Avoid break-ups
  • Get remarried to a suitable person
  • For continued marital happiness and bliss
Thirumanancheri Kalyanasundarar Temple Puja - Men and women, who are unmarried and those who are married but got separated, get relieved from obstacles and solve mis-understanding and create an inseparable bonding by performing special pujas here.



Rama Sita Homam

  • Getting relief from health issues and obstacles in life
  • Eliminate the afflictions of planets in a horoscope
  • Ensuring wealth and prosperity
  • Attain success in all endeavors
  • Live a trouble free life

Sri Ramaswamy Temple Puja - Lord Rama & Mother Sita blesses the devotees in wedding posture with all his brothers. Those facing problems in wedding proposals, longing for child boon special pujas here will helps you to get good results.

Freebie - Get it Free!


Energised Rama Darbar Statue - Placing this Energized idol in your home brings fulfillment of all wishes, name, fame, prosperity, good health, protection, relief from diseases, enhancing self-confidence, will power & mental strength.

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