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đź’«Divine Navratri: Invoke Powerful Goddess, the Primordial Force Adi Shakti
Scheduled on Sept 29 - Oct 07, 2019


Divine Navratri 2019


To Receive Ultimate Blessings of Primordial Force Goddess Adi Shakti


7 Propitious Temple Poojas & Highly Powerful Homas


Scheduled on Sept 29 - Oct 07, 2019


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One of the most sacred and divine nights of worship of primordial Mother Adi Shakti is the Navaratri, or nine nights.The nine nights invoke the powerful forms of the Shakti - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi and therefore Navaratri symbolises power, prosperity, wealth and knowledge. In the northern parts of India, Navaratri concludes with Dussehra and in southern parts with Vijaya Dasami. Vedicfolks’ special rituals to the supreme goddess Adi Shakti involve a series of pujas and homas for the progress and prosperity of our clients.


Auspicious Temple Poojas & Powerful Homas For Navratri 2019


Day 1 Pratipada - Mysore Chamundeswari Temple Puja

Day 2 Dwitiya - Varahi Temple Puja

Day 3 Tritiya - Nava Durga Homa



  • Abolishes All Problems
  • Bestows Wealth and Status in Your Society
  • Achieve the Best in Life
  • Reduce Debt Burdens
  • Nullify Negative Forces
  • Remove Nagging Problems

Day 4 Chaturthi - Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja

Day 5 Panchami - Katyayani Amman Temple Puja

Day 6 Shashti - Shodasa Mahalakshmi Homam



  • Grants Multifold Blessings
  • Abolish Marriage Obstacles
  • Provide Peaceful Marriage Life
  • Grants 16 Types Of ‘Aishwaryam’

Day 7 Saptami - Patteeswaram Temple Puja

Day 8 Ashtami - Pratyangira/Narasimhi Devi Temple Puja

Day 9 Navami - Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja on Ayudha/Saraswathi Puja

Day 10 Vijaya Dashami - Nava Chandi Homa



  • Fulfils All Desires
  • Get Relief From Financial Problems
  • Improves Career
  • Satisfies Unfulfilled Desires Of Lifetime
  • Clearing Serious Hurdles

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