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Invoking 54 Forms of Ganesha Abolish all Obstacles
Scheduled Live On September 2, 2019 @ 6 PM IST


Abolish All Obstacles & Gain Victory on Ganesh Chaturthi


54 Ganesha Homam & Special Rituals


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Scheduled Live On September 2, 2019 @ 6PM IST


The Ganesh Chaturthi is the perfect time to remove obstacles and allow a smooth transit of all major tasks that lead to victory. Find success on the professional and personal front and also get heaps of blessings for increasing chances of wealth, properity and wisdom. Invoking mighty Lord Ganesha through this ritual gets you blessings aplenty of all 54 forms of the lord. 

Ganesh Chaturthi

Invoking 54 Forms of Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi:


1.Maha Ganapathi - Eliminates negative Karma

2.Vanchakalpalatha Srividya Ganapathi - All dreams come true

3.Sri Bala Ganapathi - Improves welfare of children

4.Sri Taruna Ganapathi - Recover quickly from bad health conditions

5.Sri Vigna Ganapathi -  Gives peace of mind & sufficient wealth

6.Sri Buddhi Ganapathi - Overcomes learning difficulties

7.Sri Lakshmi Ganapathi - Improves financial conditions 

8.Sri Santhana Ganapathi - Keeps new born babies healthy

9.Sri Thirithari Santhana Ganapathi - Purifies the body, mind and soul

10.Ganapathi Ashta -  Achieve success and clear all obstacles in marriage

11.Sri Durga Ganapathi - Wipes off worries & complex problems in life

12.Sri Vallabha Ganapathi - Purifies the cosmic aura & brings auspiciousness 

13.Sri Shakthi Ganapathi - Overall victory in all endeavours

14.Sri Sarva Sakthi Ganapathi - Clear all types of hurdles and gain Knowledge

15.Sri Viriviri Ganapathi - Eliminates negative qualities and bad Karma

16.Sri Kshipra Ganapathi - Wards off potential risks and threats

17.Sri Heramba Ganapathi - Eliminates enemies and nullifies doshas 

18.Sri Vakrathunda Ganapathi - Remove bad karma and doshas

19.Ganapathi Tarpanam - Solves all mental and physical problems 

20.Sri Nidhi Ganapathi - Bestows immense wealth and prosperity

21.Sri Nava Nidhi Ganapathi - Eliminates malefic effects of planets 

22.Sri Ucchista Navarnava Ganapathi - All marital issues can be solved 

23.Sri Haridhra Ganapathi - Fetches all types of wealth and wisdom

24.Sri Modhaka Ganapathi - Ensure victory while executing new tasks

25.Sri Medha Ganapathi - Ensures sharp intellect & improved concentration

26.Sri Mohana Ganapathi - Get success in career and business.

27.Sri Trailokya Mohankara Ganapathi - Prevents marriage delays and protects against all evil

28.Sri Vira Ganapathi - Removes all types of phobias & destroys ill forces

29.Sri Ekashara Ganapathi - Blesses with fame and prosperity

30.Sri Thrayakshara Ganapathi - Ward off dangers and risks

31.Sri Sadakshara Ganapathi - Achieve goals and Eliminate worries

32.Sri Sankashtahara Ganapathi - Eliminate sorrows and fears

33.Sri Rinamochaka Ganapathi - Remove obstacles and Achieve success

34.Sri Runanasana Ganapathi - Gets rid of Karmic issues and doshas

35.Sri Guru Ganapathi - Attain Moksha

36.Sri Chinthamani Ganapathi - Removes sorrows and wards off evil forces

37.Sri Arka Ganapathi - Provides solution to struggles

38.Sri Swetark Ganapathi - Activates positive energy and Assures victory

39.Sri Kukshi Ganapathi - Removes fear and assures success

40.Sri Pushti Ganapathi - Keeps one healthy and disease free

41.Sri Sowbhagya Vamana Ganapathi - Prevents mental imbalances

42.Sri Narthana Ganapathi - Brings glory to people skilled in fine arts

43.Sri Vidya Ganapathi - Attain Knowledge and Wisdom

44.Sri Vijaya Ganapathi - Increases self confidence and reach higher echelons 

45.Sri Dhurva Ganapathi - Clears discomforts in the body 

46.Sri Abhishtavaratha Ganapathi - Delays in marriage can be addressed

47.Sri Rakta Ganapathi - Grants major positive changes in life

48.Sri Kumara Ganapathi - Blesses with agricultural productivity 

49.Sri Raja Ganapathi - All problems are eradicated

50.Sri Prayoga Ganapathi - Overcome sins and face challenges boldly 

51.Sri Kalyana Ganapathi - For a peaceful married life

52.Sri Sowbhagaya Ganapathi - Acquire riches and fame

53.Siva Avaratha Ganapathi - Improves leadership qualities 

54.Sri Yoga Ganapathi - Improves yogic powers and reduces Karmic issues

Grand Ceremonies for Ganesh Chaturthi 2019


Grand 54 Ganesha Homa - Get Heaps of Blessings for Increasing Chances of Wealth, Prosperity & Wisdom

1008 Mantra Japa Chanting - Gives Peace and Happiness

Milk Abhishek to Lord Ganesha - Heath benefits & Success

Modak Offering - Prasadam to the "Modakpriya"

Pillayarpatti Temple Puja - Gives Prosperity, Happiness & Peace in Your Life

Aadhi Vinayagar Temple Puja - Removes Obstacles & Grants Salvation

Manakula Vinayagar Temple Puja - Incident Free Journey & A Happy Life

Ghee Lamp Lighting at temple - Symbol of Richness

Coconut Smashing in Temple - Break Your Ego

Eco-Friendly Ganesh Idol Sacrifice - Detachment from Materialistic world

Energised Ganesh Idol - Bring Joy, Happiness & Success in One's Life

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