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💫 Kali Jayanthi: Make Your Time Favourable
Scheduled Live on August 23, 2019


Kali Jayanthi: Appearance Day of Powerful Maha Vidya Who Can Make Your Time Favourable


Mahakali Homam


Brings Financial Stability For A Steady Income & Protect from Fiery Evil


Scheduled Live on August 23, 2019


Goddess Kali - feminine form of Lord Shiva made her appearance to kill demons Madhu and Kaitambh on Phalgun Shukla Dwadashi. It is the day when the goddess appeared in front of Lord Brahma from the organs of Lord Shiva such as eyes, face, nose and arms to destroy the fiercest enemy. Therefore, the couple manifest as Ardhanarishwar, a supreme indomitable force that are creators of the universe.


Performing Mahakali Homam on Kali Jayanthi:

  • Makes your time favourable as it dedicates to goddess kali who has the power to control time.
  • It fulfills your aspirations and ambitions to bring you a life of contentment and joy.
  • It helps prevent loss in business and professional life.
  • It helps you achieve financial stability so that you can hope for a steady income.
  • The Homa protects from strong evil forces and sorcery, problems related to infertility
  • It also enhances fast recovery from illness.

Kaligambal Temple Puja - Solves All Domestic Issues

The Kaligambal temple situated in Chennai is one of the oldest temples that exist since 17th century. Lord Shiva manifests here as Lord Kamateswarar. The goddess, Kaligambal, a tranquil form of Durga, is considered the guardian angel of the city. An ardhameru has been installed by Sri Adi Shankara at the goddess feet to calm her. A puja in this great temple solves all domestic problems including marital issues.


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