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đź’«Spiritual Armour against Struggles & Troubles
Scheduled Live On June 13, 2019


Gayatri Homam on Gayatri Jayanthi


A Spiritual Armour against Struggles & Troubles


Scheduled Live On June 13, 2019


A Gayathri Homam on Gayathri Jayanthi day involves the invoking of the powerful goddess who can remove all stumbling blocks in the path to progress. Gayatri Homam also called Sukruta Homam is a very powerful homa dedicate to Goddess Gayatri, consort of Brahma. It involves chanting of the ever-great Gayathri mantra that has the power to solve problems, sharpen knowledge and guard all your life forces.


Special Features of Gayatri Mantra


Gayatri Mantra has three parts 1) Adoration 2) Meditation 3) Prayer. This chant is the essence of the Vedas and it sharpens knowledge-yielding facility. This is a great prayer for nourishment, protection and finally liberation. The special feature of Gayatri mantra is that it is beyond religion, caste or creed and can be chanted by all sections of people. 

Benefits of Gayatri Mantra Chanting With Gayatri Homam:-

  • Opens path of success
  • Attain long goals
  • Strengthens all relationships
  • Nullifies previous birth karma
  • Eliminates marriage barriers
  • Ensures a happy married life
  • Spreads positivity in your life
  • Leads to rejuvenation 
  • Grants healthy, wealthy and optimistic life
  • Curtail all types of negativity

Invoke Goddess Gayatri with Special Ritual on Her Jayanthi Day for Blessings of Good Health, Success and Prosperity

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