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Lord Muruga’s Birthday: Destroy Dark Forces That Destroy Peace
Scheduled Live on May 18, 2019


Vaikasi Vishakam: Muruga’s B'Day


A Day To Destroy Dark Forces That Destroy Peace


Powerful Rituals To Remove All Types of Adversaries & Secure Positivity


Scheduled Live on May 18, 2019


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Vaikasi Vishakam signifies the birthday of Lord Muruga. It is also the day when the lord came to earth to free it from demons Soorapadman, Singamuhan and Tharakasura. This is a day of protection against evil and dark forces that cause great destruction.


Six Face Muruga Homam

  • Protects from all shrewd practices (sins) and black magic.
  • Remove various sorts of Dhrishti Doshas, Graha Doshas & curses of Devata & Pitru curses.
  • Helps overcome Situations like terrible associations with siblings, obligations and weakness. 
  • Problems of those yearning to get house, properties will be eliminated. 
  • Gets rid of malevolence identified with Mars, mangalya doshas in the horoscope.

Kukuta Homam

  • Brings all round success to the individual.
  • Provides motivation and energy to carry out tasks.
  • Alleviates problems of debt and finance.
  • Improves relationships with everyone especially your dear ones.
  • Cures diseases and perks up health.
  • Achieve all desires in life.

Shatru Samhara Trishati Homam

  • Protects you from enemies and gives strength to face all challenges. 
  • Helps you recover from business debts and helps to regain lost wealth. 
  • Helps you to recover from doshas of planet Mars. 
  • It’s a highly beneficial ritual to politicians, businessmen and military personnel.

Sri Dhandayuthapani (Palani Murugan) Temple Puja 

  • Give relief from all adversities & bestows prosperity in family. 
  • Best solutions for wedding, child boon, illness & other physical problems.

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Invoke the Blessings of Lord Muruga on His Birthday to Get Protection Against Evil and Dark Forces.

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