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Unique Dharmaraja Ritual on Sharad Purnima Cures Incurable Diseases & Increases Longevity
Scheduled Live on October 24, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


Vedicfolks Signature Ritual to Maximise Longevity & Purify Your Soul



Receive All Boons in Equal Measures 

& Prolong Life


Scheduled Live on October 24, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

sharad purnima

Sharad Purnima is a full moon day of extraordinary healing powers & miraculous 16 kalas.Worshipping Lord Dharmaraja on the day frees sins, afflictions, maximises longevity and purifies the soul. The day of Sharad Purnima perfect to conduct Dharmaraja mantra japa and homa. The healing rays of the moon touches the earth on the day and Dharmaraja Ritual also has great curative powers providing double benefit to prolong life and eradicate problems in life. Super deities Rudra, Shakti, Krishna and Lakshmi  are also greatly influenced on this day for their association with the moon and chanting mantras in their name bestows powerful blessings to the devotee.The Homa has the power to cure incurable diseases and fetches all boons in equal measures.

Benefits of Dharmaraja Mantra Japa & Homa on Sharad Purnima


The Dharmaraja Mantra Japa & Homa fetches all boons in equal measures.
The Homa has the power to cure incurable diseases and grants longevity.
The ritual is a means to find relief to not only present day problems but also       future problems too.

Performing the homa invokes the Sun and Venus, the kin of the Moon.

Find relief to mental pressure, disturbances and physical pain.

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sharad purnima
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