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Four Powerful Rituals for Jupiter Transit 2018 Ensures Your Overall Growth & Upliftment
Scheduled Live on October 11, 2018 @ 6 PM IST



Make Planet Jupiter Favourable For Overall Growth in Life By Appeasing Lord Guru 

High Power Rituals for Jupiter Transit 2018


Scheduled Live on October 11, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

jupiter transit 2018

Four Powerful Homas to Rulers of Destiny for Your Total Upliftment on Jupiter Transit 2018

Jupiter Homam - Gives Success in Business 

& Blessings of Wealth


• Get enormous business profits and fortune
• The homam plays a key role in getting peace of mind by solving various      problems in life.
• Helps to become a scholar in life by enriching knowledge of a person
• Spruce up your creative skills & strive for excellence

Taradevi Homam - Strengthens Jupiter, Uplifts Financial Status, Grants Multifold Boons


• To get rid of all sorts of health ailments and deterioration in business, Tara Homam can be performed.
• Goddess Taradevi Homa protects you from Pitra Dosha. It also effectively protects against enemies and improves financial status.
• Meditating on Manipura chakra and worshipping Tara will improve your health and financial status. It brings you promotion in career and unmarried persons will be blessed with marital prospects.
• Tara Devi will also protect you from misfortunes and mishaps. This homam will strengthen Manipura chakra and will eventually improve knowledge, bestow multifold boons and strengthen a weak Jupiter

Sadashiva Homam - Keeps You Safe from 

Life -Threatening Situations


• Bestows Peace & Happiness

• The Sadashiva homa is a very powerful one that saves you from life-      threatening situations
• It removes mental stress, acute depression by bringing peace of mind.
• Even if you are suffering from critical illness, this highly potent ritual has the    power to save your life. It can nullify sins and clears tough obstacles.

Vamana Homam - Opens Path for Victory, Lifts Your Career Status & Ensures Spiritual Knowledge 


• Vamana Homam overcomes potential threats and risks and protects from evil forces. It removes Karmic entangles and dosha.
• The malefic effects of planets are thwarted and increases learning skills to reach higher echelons of life especially in career.
• The Trivikrama form is an expansion of the absolute, the personification of absolute knowledge that Brihaspathi or Guru epitomises.

Here are the other Added Auspicious Rituals for the day:-


Adi Devata and Pratyadi Devata Puja Provides Respite From Doshas
Sagitha Brihaspathi Puja For Blessings Of Guru
Lord Dakshinamoorthy Temple Puja @ Sri Tiruvalleswarar Temple
Energised Guru Yantra For Good Position, Power & Authority
Energised Dakshinamurthi Yantra Ensures Your Success in Exams, Boosts Confidence Level
Personalized Jupiter Transit Report – Plan Your Future In Advance And Look for Positive Changes

jupiter transit 2018
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