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Navaratri 2018 Power Rituals on all 9 Auspicious Days Help You Acquire Power, Prosperity, Wealth & Knowledge
Scheduled on Oct 10, 2018 - Oct 18, 2018


navaratri puja

Nine Highly Powerful Rituals & Temple Pujas For Navaratri, 2018 


To  Acquire Power, Prosperity, 

Wealth and Knowledge


Scheduled On Oct. 10, 2018 - Oct. 18, 2018

navaratri puja

Day 1 Pratipada - Patteeswaram Temple Puja
Fulfill all wishes at this famous temple where Goddess Durga performed tapas or deep meditation. Worshipping the goddess here removes effects of Black magic, Bad luck, Health Issues, Enemy Hassles etc...


Day 2 Dwitiya - Kaligambal Temple Puja

It’s an Upa Shakti Peetha where a part of the body – breast, a symbol of nourishment, fell. The ritual to the beautiful goddess helps you win over adversaries, hurdles and enemies.


Day 3 Tritiya - Shakthi Peeth - Sarva Mangala Devi Homam

• The ritual to the beautiful goddess helps you win over adversaries, hurdles and enemies. All legal cases related to marriage and other matters can be solved peacefully with this ritual.

• To win over enemies, adversaries, hurdles and legal tangles
• To have a smooth relationship with your married partner or also for a good marriage alliance
• To eradicate financial burdens like loans and bring prosperity


Day 4 Chaturthi - Ashta Lakshmi Temple Puja
The Ashta Lakshmi temple, is an abode to eight forms of Maha Lakshmi, benefactor of wealth and prosperity. Performing puja in this powerful temple brings multifold blessings to you.


Day 5 Panchami - Lakshmi Kubera Temple Puja
A puja in this famous temple expands one’s hope of leading a wealthy life. And if that’s what you want, perform Sri Lakshmi Kubera Puja to gain plenty of material wealth in life.


Day 6 Shashti - Kanakadhara Homam

• There can’t be a better solution for people in debt than Kanakadhara Homam that drives away all financial crunches and endows you with riches and splendour.

• It grants the blessings of all forms of Mahalakshmi and wipes away money worries.
• With this powerful ritual, a person attains total fulfilment in every aspect of life.


Day 7 Saptami - Koothanur Saraswathi Temple Puja 
Devotees worshipping her are gifted with the boon of knowledge and wisdom. Estranged couples are united for good after worshipping the deity here. A puja in this temple also clears problems related to employment, business & career.


Day 8 Ashtami - Rajarajeshwari Puja
The Rajarajeshwari Amman temple in Chennai is one of the dwellings of the powerful form of the universal mother. A Puja in her temple blesses you with abundance and glory by fulfilling all desires.


Day 9 Navami - Chandi Homa

• Chandi Homam is the ultimate worship of goddess Durga to conquer evil energies & achieve success in all tasks. She helps us achieve goals and removes all barriers from path.

• Helps achieve victory over enemies, gives strength and removes threats, danger.
• Grants success in court cases and all other complicated issues.
• All types of black magic or other doshas are thwarted.
• It overcomes all sufferings and fulfills desires.

navaratri puja
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