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Get Power Blessings of Mother Shakti For Positive Outcomes & Fulfill Wishes Entirely on Aadi Perukku
Scheduled Live On August 3, 2018



Get Positive Outcomes in all Tasks & Fulfill Your Unfulfilled Wishes Entirely


Aadi Perukku Special Ritual - Vaishno Devi Homam


Scheduled Live On August 3, 2018 (On Aadi Perukku)

Aadi Perukku is a festival that glorifies goddess Maha Shakthi to multiply your fortunes. While the month of Aadi is goddess month, revering Mother Adi Shakti during this month is very auspicious. Goddess Vaishno Devi is a very powerful form that emerged along with the Ashta Matrikas to kill the demon. She is a wish-fulfilling goddess who when worshipped understands the needs of her followers. Invoking Vaishno Devi Homam on an auspicious day like Aadi Perukku bring you postive outcomes in all taks and gifts you with abundance of wealth. Performing homa to the beatific union of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi, Mata Vaishno Devi, the ever-powerful goddess of Kali Yuga and also one of the Ashta Matrikas bestows strength to the weaklings, child to the childless and fulfills wishes of each and everyone.


Benefits of Vaishno Devi Homa


• The benevolent deity Goddess Vaishno Devi fulfills all wishes of her devotees and grants wealth in abundance.
• It’s one of the best methods to get positive outcomes in all your tasks.
• The goddess of the mountains bestows strength to the weaklings to make them confident and sturdy.
• Married couples yearning to have a child can perform the ritual to seek the boon of a child.



Auspicious Pujas & Products For Aadi Perukku


Dhanakarshana Yantra Puja: This puja gives you the ability to earn more from your business and other professional careers. It also aids businessmen to achieve high profits.


Sri Suktha Homam: This is a very powerful ritual performed for attracting wealth and prosperity. It is a boon for those facing financial crunches and greatly seeking wealth.


Ashta Matrika Puja: A puja to these powerful eight-some deities will fetch you complete divine protection against evil forces. 


Vaishnavi Temple Puja: A puja to the main deity Goddess Vaishnavi satisfies all your desires and brings prosperity and auspiciousness to you.


Energised Dhanakarshana Yantra: This yantra is invigorated with the power of wealth by sacred chants of revered priests during the ritual. When you own this Yantra or carry it along with you during important business deals or professional travel, you are sure to attract a lot of wealth.


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