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Worshipping Goddess Bhuvaneshwari on Aadi Friday grants 64 Divine Virtues that Leads to Success in All Aspects of Life
Scheduled Live On July 27, 2018 @ 7 PM IST(2nd Friday)


aadi velli

Get 64 Divine Virtues That Leads to Success in Every Endeavour 


Aadi Velli Special Rituals - Bhuvaneswari Homam 


Scheduled Live On July 27, 2018 @ 7 PM IST (2nd Friday)

aadi velli

Bhuvaneswari is the goddess of the universe and one of the Mahavidyas associated with earth. She is the mother of the sun and has the entire cosmos buried within her. The powerful goddess provides relief from diseases, problems and enemies. The one who worships her is always happy, earns fame and respect from the society on the whole. Bhuvaneswari homa on Aadi Velli brings blessings of 64 divine virtues that help you succeed in all endeavours especially in business and career. Also, the powerful goddess when invoked with fire rituals on Aadi Velli, bestows a happy family life, helps you attain fame, and receive respect from all. 



• Bhuvaneswari Homam grants 64 divine virtues that leads to success in every endeavour.
• It helps to recover from major illnesses to increase the quality of life. •Those who want to prevent untimely death can choose this homam to minimize fear.
• The homa can also be performed to gain wealth, enthusiasm and to get rid of depression, and tension.
• If you are facing hurdles in acquiring house or vehicle, this homa can be useful.
• If your natal chart doshas are hampering your major tasks, then perform this homa.

aadi velli
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