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Trimbakeshwar Homa on Somavar Maha Pradosham Gives Profits in Profession, Financial Stability & Removes Pitru Doshas
Scheduled Live On June 11, 2018 @ 6 AM IST


somvar pradosham

Trimbakeshwar Homam On Somavara Maha Pradosham

Salvage Professional Losses, Get Financial Stability & Remove Pitru Doshas

Scheduled Live On June 11, 2018 @ 6 AM IST

Lord Trimbakeshwar manifested to mitigate the sins of his devotees who pray sincerely.The God of Destruction  protects against foes trying to destabilise you and also mitigates sufferings like diseases and grants blessings for financial stabily and career growth. Somavara Maha Pradosham is a day of wealth, happiness and blessing of offspring. Rituals on this day to Lord Shiva is equal to having a glimpse of the lord and his consort in heaven. Also if one observes 16 Somavar Pradoshams in his/her lifetime, then it definitely leads to Moksha or reaching Kailash after death. Invoking Trimbakeshwar on this auspicous day with our special rituals salvages professional losses and removes pitru doshas.

somvar pradosham

Benefits of Trimbakeshwar Homam


It salvages professional losses and helps to get financial stability
It accomplishes unfulfilled desires and removes pitru doshas
Ensure monetary stability by salvaging financial losses through this homa
It removes obstacles in your path of professional progress
The homa makes sure your life is peaceful & harmonious by way of a good family relationship and keeping you healthy and wealthy.


Vedicfolks Somavara Maha Pradosham Special Rituals


Mrityu Sukta Parayanam: Mrityu Suktham is a Vedic hymn to win over death and grants utmost courage to the seeker.


Nataraja Abhishekam: The cosmic dancer blesses one with the right mind, a trouble-free life, to accept change and flow with life.


Thillai Nataraja Temple Puja: A Puja in this historic temple will fetch salvation of the soul


Energised Shiva Yantra: This auspicious yantra removes fear that thwarts your progress, annihilates evil, negativity, accidental death and diseases.


Energised Pooja Bell: The energised puja bell made of brass rings in auspiciousness in to your home. It also invites gods to take part in the rituals dedicated to them.

somvar pradosham
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