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Pratyangira Tantra Homam & Rituals For Getting Protection from Terrible Forces
Scheduled Live On June 06, 2018 @ 6 PM IST



‚ÄčPratyangira Tantra Homam
A Perfect Solution to Achieve wholesome Victory in All Sincere Efforts

Scheduled Live On May 15, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


Pratyangira Tantra Homam
      *Get wholesome victory in all sincere effects    

     *Helps one gain power over enemies and protection form terrible forces
     *Fetches fortune in the form of 16 types of wealth
     *Negates effects of evil eye, witch craft and black magic
     *Keep away bad karma to find peace and bliss in life

Pratyangira Yantra Puja: This powerful yantra brings positivity into your life. It is a boon for those seeking material prosperity, facing problems in their tasks, removes evil eye, black magic and negative forces, cuts off nightmares and depression and all negativity.


Kushmanda Homam: It eliminates ailments and sorrows, checks malefic Sun in horoscope and improves fame, lifespan, strength and health. 


Neela Saraswathi Homam: The homa blesses one with sharp memory, intelligence, communication skills. It instils confidence to achieve success.

Special Temple Puja and Energised Products:-


Energised Pratyangira Yantra: Worshipping the yantra with devotion and sincerity fetches happiness and peace. It bestows success, optimism and hope.


Energised Copper Amulet: Wear this sacred energised amulet filled with sacred ash of the Pratyangira Homam around your neck or wrist with the black string helps to get protection from terrible forces. 


Pratyangira Devi Temple Puja: A puja in this temple will help for get relief from financial problems, wedding boon, progress in business and employment opportunities.

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