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Rituals on Varaha Jayanthi Make Tough Tasks Easy To Reach High Goals In Life
Scheduled LIVE on April 5, 2018 @ 6 PM IST


varaha jayanthi

Varaha Jayanthi - A Day to Beckon Good Fortune & Eliminate Problems in Life




Leads You to High Goals in Life By Overcoming Past Sinful Actions 

varaha jayanthi

Varaha Jayanthi is the appearance of Lord Vishnu in the Varaha form that he took to save Mother Earth from the clutches of a demon. This is the third incarnation of the supreme lord during Satya Yuga. Revering Lord Varaha on such an auspicious day brings all kinds of happiness, health and fortune. He is worshipped on this day for goodness to prevail on earth. The Narayana Upanishad is part of the Krishna Yajur Veda and it describes Narayana, who is Lord Vishnu in his most supreme aspect as creator of the universe. The person who follows this Upanishad is absolved of all sins and gets the benefit of reading all Vedas. It also grants eternal bliss and well-being. Performing Narayana Upanishad homam on Varaha Jayanthi paves way for attaining Moksha and fetches blessings of all the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Special Rituals on Varaha Jayanthi


Narayana Upanishad Homam
Narayana Upanishad Chanting
Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple Puja
Energised Thulsi Mala
Energised Saligram
Narayana Upanishad Homam


What Varaha Jayanthi Rituals Do To You


• It leads you to high goals in life by overcoming past sinful action 
• It Purifies Soul & Leads to Higher Goals
• Helps to become one with Lord Narayana
• Blessings of rulership, wealth and breed

Narayana Upanishad Chanting


Narayana Upanishad Chanting is so great that it can purify the soul and give you eternal peace and happiness. It contains mantras for the homa and also contains popular sukthas like Narayana Suktham, Medha Suktham, Aghamarshana Suktham and Durga Suktham. 


Special Temple Puja & Energised Products 


Chennakesava Perumal Temple Puja: Puja in this old temple for Chennakesava Perumal, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu helps you to get relief from adverse effects of planets and also helps acquire Wealth, fame and Courage.


Energised Tulsi Mala: Wearing the Energised Tulsi beads around the neck destroys sins and protects from bad dreams, death threats and enemies.


Energised Saligram: It is the most sacred stone to worship Lord Vishnu. Keeping this Energised Saligramam at your home and doing pujas will increase your merits in all matters and eliminate unwanted fears in life.


Scheduled LIVE on Apr 5, 2018 @ 6 PM IST

varaha jayanthi
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