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Problematic Relationship Management 

Relationship with wife, with children, with friends, with office colleagues and liason with various agencies, government organizations, and  day to day relationships with servants, drivers, watchman, neighbours. Good relationship with all will give peace and happiness. Bad relationships will lead to enemity, agitated mind, rivalry and even fear of retribution. Your lagna indicates your personality and should not be afflicted. The second house is for speech which again should not inflicted. The 7th house indicates your relationship with spouse. Mercury is the planet for communication which has to analysed. Mars is the planet which can give disturbed and strained relationships. Moon is the controller of  mind and should not be afflicted. Mutual conjunctions of Mercury and Mars is not good, conjunction of Mars and Saturn is not good and conjunction of Mars, Moon and Saturn affect the mind creating tension and stressful relationships. All the above planets, bhavas, their  positions, aspects, conjunctions along with dasa bukthi and transit of planets needs to analysed for your relationship report. Suitable remedies will be suggested to lead a life of peace and building good rapport with all.
Please note that your reports will be delivered within 72 hours.