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Horoscope (Kundali ) Matching Report

Live Happily Ever After

Marriage is a commitment for life. And therefore it needs to be planned and executed with utmost care. Horoscope matching is an analysis of horoscopes of both male and female to find out whether they’re congruent or not. The analysis is based on certain criteria – mainly ten — so that one finds the right partner to live happily ever after. Horoscope matching ensures that there are no major problems for the prospective couple in future and also makes sure that they lead their lives in peace and harmony.

Here are the Total Features of the Horoscope (Kundali) Matching Report:-

  • Mental compatibility
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Financial compatibility
  • Social compatibility
  • Mars and Venus analysis
  • Conclusion

Vedic Folks says that one should match horoscope for a healthy, beautiful and successful life.

There are mainly 10 (Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Guna, Bhakoot, Nakshatra - Rasi and Nadi) factors for which compatibility can be good or average.

All these 10 factors Works in a Particular Method Like:-

Varna is considered for basic skills, abilities and personality of the person and its own one point.

Vashya overall means dedication and who will be influencing others and in what terms. It owns two points.

Tara is considered for health and well-being of the bride and groom after marriage. It owns three points.

Yoni means physical and sexual compatibility between the bride and     groom. It owns four points.

Maitri defines strength of the love between the couple. It owns five points.

Gana is used to identify an individual’s temperament. It owns six points. 

Bhakoot stands for health, welfare and prosperity of a family after marriage. It owns seven points.     

Nakshatra, Rasi indicates about mindset and thinking towards one another.    

Nadi also means hereditary compatibility of the couple makes certain that they’re able to produce healthy children. It owns maximum eight points.

Vedicfolks says that all the points are important in compatibility matching. However, if 18 and above 18 points have been matched out of 36, then marriage can be recommended. All these major factors will be merged and analysed thoroughly with the table of content mentioned above.

NB: Apart from these points, other factors are also included in the report to get precise and perfect results for your own well being. This particular horoscope matching report is suggested for every individual getting married. Our Marriage Pundits’ are well versed in this to ensure you marry the right person for a mutually joyous life.

Horoscope matching or Kundali Matching and Vedic astrology reports are the highlight products of the online astrology services provided by Vedicfolks.
You can now match your partner’s horoscope with yours to analyse the astrological aspects.

Here are the Total Features of the Horoscope Matching Report:-

  • Birth details and astrological details
  • Birth chart & divisional charts
  • Mental compatibility
  • Sexual compatibility
  • Financial compatibility
  • Social compatibility
  • Mars and Venus analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Mantras – For your Success in this birth & to solve problems for lifetime
  • Mantras for quick redemption of problems
  • Gemstone recommendation for your well being (optional)
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your overall growth (optional)
  • Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity (optional)

To get this report, you can visit www.vedicfolks.com or you can contact us at our phone numbers on the website.