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Nadi Astrology


Nadi Predictions For Marriage

Marriage is a prelude to having a family and involves commitment, devotion, responsibilities, promises and what not.  One’s liability increases as members of the family increases.


There’s a verse in Yajur Veda that says that, “O man and woman, having acquired knowledge from the learned, proclaim amongst the wise the fact of your intention of entering the married life. Attain to fame, observing the noble virtue of nonviolence, and uplift your soul. Shun crookedness. Converse together happily. Living in a peaceful home, spoil not your life. Spoil not your progeny. In this world, pass your life happily, on this wide Earth full of enjoyment.” Such is the importance of this institution called marriage.


This chapter helps you to trace information on date, time and place, names of spouse and the sacred time. It also provides relief to those whose marriages are delayed and provides measures for the delay and also traces the causes. It throws light on the future of marriage and aspects of compatibility and whether any conflicts would arise out of it.