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“Divya varsha sahasram tu chakshurunmeelitmayaa, 
paschanmaakulakshibhyah patita jalbindavah” 

“tatrashrubindto jaata maharudraksh vriskshkah

mamaagyayaa mahasen sarvesham hitkamyayaa”

Rudrakshas are used as prayer beads by the Hindus since the ancient times. It has both astrological and medicinal properties making it immensely popular despite being founded several thousands of years ago.

The exact meaning for Rudraksha is Rudra meaning lord Shiva and Aksha meaning the eye. When joined it literally means Shiva’s Eyes. These are seeds of a particular tree found in the Himalayas, South-East Asia, Indonesia, from New Guinea to Australia, Guam, and Hawaii.

Since the prehistoric times, it has been believed that Rudrakshas are worn to invoke the blessings of the lord and to satiate the malefic effects of the planets in the birth chart.

Types of Rudrakshas

Rudraksha has a special place in astrology as there are different faces of Rudrakshas available ranging from one face to 21 faces.

The Rudrakshas have an influence over the planets and it is interesting to note which face is attributed to which planet. The one face and 12 face Rudrakshas influence the Sun which is the centre of the solar system. In other words, it is recommended for people who have a weak Sun or Surya in their birth charts. Wearing the one face or 12 face Rudraksha will ensure positive results and better outcome.

The two face Rudraksha has a close association with the Moon. If the moon’s position is not very satisfactory on the client’s charts, our consultants will recommend this Rudraksha.

Similarly, each of the mukhis or faces are associated with different planets on the birth chart such as three face for Mars, four face for Mercury, five face for Jupiter, six face for Venus (13 face also has the same attributes), seven face for Saturn, eight face for Rahu and nine face for Ketu.

The ten face Rudraksha has the power to control all the other planets while the eleven face is suggested to increase the confidence levels.

The fourteen face Rudraksha will nullify the malefic effects of the Saturn something similar to the seven mukhi.

For intuition a well as lateral and abstract thinking, we at Vedic Folks would suggest 15 face Rudraksha.

There is also a unique Rudraksha known as the Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha which will promote harmony in the family especially between the husband and wife. It will also remove all the pains and sufferings that one has been undergoing.

Who can wear Rudrakshas?

Rudrakshas cannot be worn by anyone and everyone. There are some strict rules to wear this holy bead. One important thing is that the people who wear the Rudraksha must be clean not just physically but in their thoughts and deeds as well.

Why trust Vedic Folks?

At Vedic Folks we understand our clients come with problems very unique to their situation. Our consultants, in such cases, will design special Rudraksha combinations as a rectification process. These predictions will be made after reading the clients’ birth charts thoroughly and precisely. This synergistic effect will bring in the desired results within a short span of time.