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Budhwar Vrat


Mercury is known as Budha in Vedic Scripture. Budha is known as ''Grahapati'', or master of the planets. Budha is viewed as smartest among the planets. Nature of mercury is fresh. Mercury alludes to the brains and keenness originates from brain.


Budha Puja or Mercury Puja is committed to planet Mercury. Budha Puja on Wednesdays accumulates complex profits like taking out challenges, solid offspring, and ownership of rich terrains and so on.


Budhwar Vrat Katha


In the Prehistoric time, it is a decide that individuals didn't go trip on Wednesday.  There was a story that while a man visits to his father-in Law's home to get his wife. He was wedded in the adolescence to his girl however she was not develop so she existed with his guardians. Presently it is the time to send the young lady with his spouse yet by the way that day is Wednesday so the folks of young lady deny sending her. The Boy is extremely unyielding so he didn't hear their elders and deny complying with the ceremonies and taking her wife to his home.


On the way, he felt dehydrated so he approached her wife to hold up for him and he went on the inquiry of the water. At last, he finds a waterway in the profound woodland then he drank water and when he arrived at to take water for his wife, he found that a man was sit with her wife in his camouflage. He arrived at that place and asked to that camouflage man who he, that mask man is said he is the spouse of the woman. The woman got to be befuddled to see same appearance of both men. At the point when squabbles build a few warriors arrived at that place and get them. At the point when all fighters saw both men they additionally astounded and asked the woman to remember her spouse. Be that as it may the woman said she was not competent to perceive his spouse on the grounds that set reached him the first run through after their marriage.


Finally when the man felt that no one had the capacity remember him then he implores the god to spare him from this issue. Abruptly that camouflage man was changed over into God Budh then the man understood his slip-up and say apology to him to ignore the customs. At that point God Budh vanishes and the couple began to perform Budhar or Wednesday quick, from that day. It is said that, those enthusiasts who read or hear the katha of Budhwar, never endure the wrongdoing of voyage on Wednesday.



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