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Determination of Birth Time Report


Table of Contents in the Report:
  • Birth details and astrological details.
  • Birth chart & divisional charts.
  • Your query or concern.
  • Planetary alignment.
  • 5 major even analysis & predictions:
  • Your nature, interest, livelihood and character:
  • K.P analysis and interpretations:
  • Karma Remedies to solve the current issues.
  • Gemstone recommendation for your well being- if required.
  • Rudraksha Recommendation for your growth – if required.
  • Homas and temple puja will be suggested to overcome negativity – if required.
  • Mantras – For your Success in this birth to solve problems for lifetime.
  • Mantras for quick redemption of problems.

Time is an essential part of our life and the factor is very important in Vedic astrology. It has a great influence on events, decision or situation. Without time calculations, horoscopes can’t be read and therefore its significance goes without saying.

Vedic astrological science deals with time and birth of an individual is strongly connected with time, since the determination of birth time is connected with previous birth.

Vedicfolks’ aims at giving you a trouble-free life with our astrological inputs and that’s possible by determining your exact time of birth. Since with the help of birth time, we determine your exact horoscope and you get precise prediction to maintain your life in an elevated manner.

Vedicfolks experience and knowledge would prove to be helpful in this regard and mainly our knowledgeable astrologers identify your time of birth – if you are unaware of it — with the help of certain important events that have taken place in your life.

Looking deep into these timings and dates and the planets that have majorly influenced the turning points of your life, we can do wonders in analyzing your birth time. In a nutshell, we let you know what your birth time is and also brief out on the reason for certain happenings of your life besides predicting your future!

This particular determination of birth chart report is so accurate that we can determine the time in hours, minutes and seconds as well!

You can order this report and get exact beneficial results with respect to all your important events.

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