How does Vedic Numerology help?
The Vedic Numerology helps us in knowing the karmic awareness and evolutionary potential. The numbers in one’s birth chart indicate the psychological sketch, karmic deposits and ahamkara or ego.
Why Vedic Folks?
At Vedic Folks, we help you with the karmic awareness through Vedic Numerology. This will ensure that you are successful in all aspects of your life.
What are the characteristics of each number?
Number 1 signifies a LEADER – Those under this influence will have optimistic fortification from, and success within, the family, friends and society.
Number 2 signifies TEACHER – individuals under this influence will possess healing qualities and reflect cosmic truth.
Number 3 signifies ARTIST – They will impart, motivate and make idealistic contributions to the society.
Number 4 signifies BUILDER – Individuals will defy all principles and believe in radical approaches.
Number 5 signifies ENTERTAINER – They will network well, pioneer new ideas and alter mainstream concepts.
Number 6 signifies HOMEMAKER – They will foster and maintain rich environments.
Number 7 signifies MYSTIC – They will be sensitive, poetic, productive and idealistic.
Number 8 signifies WORKER – They will transform society for a better living and are fame and fortune personified.
Number 9 signifies HUMANIST – They will love unreservedly and work interminably.