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Sun Yantra


About Sun Yantra

Sun Yantra is a fundamental yantra as it brings the positive effects of the glorious planet-Sun in life. This yantra plays a crucial role in removing the adverse impact of the Sun planet in life. All the doshas and harmful elements linked with the Sun in horoscopes get eliminated with this yantra's super effect.

Significance of Sun Yantra

Sun Yantra is a significant yantra as it guides the aura of the Sun or Surya Graha. Sun or Ravi Graha is the ultimate source of life on planet Earth. Sun Yantra brings the radiant energy of this mighty planet into life and keeps all its possible harmful effects away.

Need for Sun Yantra

Sun Yantra brings the bright aura of the sun into life by capturing its illuminating energies. This yantra is great for those suffering from the dark phase of life and needs hope, enlightenment and rejuvenation.

Benefits of Sun Yantra

Following are a few notable benefits of Sun Yantra-

  • Surya yantra grants protection from all the stress and hostile forces.
  • It blesses with excellent mental, spiritual and physical health. The yantra is known for keeping all the health ailments and disorders away.
  • The yantra grants immense intellect and intelligence to overcome any unfavourable situation.
  • This yantra blesses with peace and prosperity in life.
  • The yantra teaches positive values, including confidence, integrity and ethics in life.
  • It works miraculously in keeping Vastu Dosha away and brings harmonious gifts in life.
  • The spiritual device is compelling in capturing the glorious aura of the planet Sun.

How to use Sun Yantra?

Following are the most important points which one must remember while worshipping the sun yantra-

  • Place the Sun yantra in a clean place keeping its face in either east or north direction.
  • Place four dots using vermillion paste or sandalwood powder paste on the yantra’s four sides, including the centre.
  • Start the worship by bestowing fruits, flowers and prasad. Light incense stick and lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Chant “Om Suryaya Namaha” mantra while worshipping the yantra to unveil remarkable benefits. To obtain maximum windfalls from this yantra’s worship, chant this mantra 108 times.

How to get Sun Yantra?

Sun Yantra plays a vital role in illuminating life with peace, happiness and glory. If you want to get this yantra then without further waiting, contact us. Vedicfolks is the most renowned place for getting high-quality yantras in a reasonable price range.