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Ketu Yantra


About Ketu Yantra

Ketu Yantra is one of the most influential and prominent spiritual devices as it attracts the positive aspects of Ketu Graha. It removes all the malicious elements of Ketu planet from horoscopes and cherishes followers with immense peace and prosperity.

Need for Ketu Yantra

Ketu Yantra is the best yantra for those who are witnessing the harmful elements of Ketu in their horoscope. Ketu Yantra removes adversity and obstacles from life. It brings stability, fortune and cheerful vibes.

Significance of Ketu Yantra

Ketu is an imaginary planet, but it still discovers a prominent place in astrology. Ketu brings disturbance and turbulence in life if it is linked with adverse elements or afflictions. One of the most significant aspects of the Ketu planet is that it is related to spiritual and supernatural forces. Ketu Yantra is highly effective as it impedes all the negative impacts of the Ketu planet.

Benefits of Ketu Yantra

Here are a few incredible boons of Ketu Yantra-

  • Ketu Yantra demolishes all the evil forces and kicks them out of their life.
  • It blesses with intelligence and fortune.
  • It brings immense serenity and peace to a follower's life.
  • This yantra removes all the catastrophic elements linked with Ketu making its positive aspects reach you effortlessly.
  • The yantra grants excellent insight and wisdom to perceive the world from perfect angles.
  • Ketu yantra makes you unveil boons of happiness and glory.
  • This yantra brings spiritual awakening and a stable mind to those who worship it with great dedication and commitment.

How to use Ketu Yantra?

Here are a few prominent steps which one must follow with utmost precision and accuracy to obtain the maximum boons out of Ketu Yantra-

  • Wash the copper plate with rose or clean water every week.
  • Place the yantra in either north or east direction. Light incense stick or lamp in front of the yantra.
  • Devote fruits and flowers to it. You can also prepare a special prasad for the yantra.
  • While worshipping the yantra, make sure that you are focussing primarily on its centre.

How to get Ketu Yantra?

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